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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

A. Noble's Scientific and Surgical Instrument — Manufactory

A. Noble's Scientific and Surgical Instrument

Mr. Noble, whose establishment is at 137, Durham-street, near Victoria-street, in Christchurch, has been established in the city for about fourteen years, and is possessed of the highest page 217testimonials, not only from the medical, astronomical, and other professions in Christchurch, but from the whole of New Zealand, as he sends work to all parts of the colony.

Mr. Noble was specially engaged by both the British expeditions for observing the transit of Venus, to attend to the astronomical instruments, and owns testimonials for the efficient manner in which he carried out his work.

The principal branches of the business, to which special attention is given, are the manufacture of surgical and surveyors' instruments, artificial limbs, and instruments for the cure of deformities of limbs, besides medical batteries and all kinds of electrical machinery. Also scientific instruments for use in colleges, &c., including every description of high-class mechanical and other appliances for the ornamental lathe.

Mr. Noble is possessed of one of the most beautifully finished ornamental lathes, the equal to which is not to be found in the colony, and he has therefore facilities for executing orders of the most delicate type, which it is impossible to procure elsewhere; and as the lathe is entirely his own design and workmanship, it is a guarantee as to his ability to produce work of the highest class—in fact, he guarantees to turn out work to the thousandth part of an inch, when necessary, he having instruments to measure to that degree of delicacy.

Mr. Noble will be pleased to allow any gentleman to inspect the machinery referred to, and will give every information in reference thereto at any time that may be convenient.

Repairs to every class of instrument effected upon the shortest possible notice, at 137, Durham-street North, near Victoria-street.