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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

Painter Bros.' Cycling Delivery

Painter Bros.' Cycling Delivery.

Messrs. Painter Brothers conceived a happy idea when they started their letters and parcels delivery in Christchurch and the neighbourhood in July, 1884. The level character of the town and suburbs, and the generally good roads to be met with, have afforded every facility for the practice of cycling, both for amusement and as a help to business; and in starting their "delivery," Messrs. Painter Brothers soon made themselves an absolute necessity to business men and households. For three-pence or sixpence they deliver letters promptly to any address within the Town Belt; and for a very reasonable mileage charge beyond it. The convenience of this to a very large number of people will be readily understood by our readers, particularly when the speed with which a message can be delivered, and a reply returned, by bicycle, is remembered. In a similar way they deliver parcels, and have become almost a necessity to the New Zealand Government Telegraph Department in Christchurch, and to many physicians, doctors, and lawyers. The brothers, and some lads they employ, in their neat blue uniform, mounted on their bicycles and tricycles, have become a feature in our city, and the steadiness and care with which they attend to their business have caused them to be trusted and liked. Latterly they have started a "fire-alarm" subscription list, and for a trifling annual sum undertake to convey intelligence of a fire in the city to the residence of any subscriber who may be interested therein. They have two offices—one in No. 133, Colombo-street, near Cashel-street; and the other (principally the fire-alarm) in Hobbs' Buildings, Cathedral Square, both of them being on the Telephone Exchange.

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At their office in Cathedral Square they have started a "left parcol" and "cloak-room," where parcels up to 112lbs. weight may be left, at a charge of one penny per day. This has been found by country visitors to be a great convenience, and, as it becomes more known, will doubtless be more patronised, the central position of the office being greatly in its favour.

Messrs. Painter are prepared to travel on their business any reasonable distance in the day, having done fully eighty miles on several occasions.

In case of illness, or other emergency, they can be "rung up," at their Cathedral Square office, at any hour during the night, as they sleep on the premises.