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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

Messrs King Brothers'

Messrs King Brothers'

Firm in Christchurch is one of the best known in its line in the city. Established ten years ago, they have two establishments— a two-storey retail one at 114 Cashel street, the principal business part of the town, with a frontage of 28 feet, by a depth of 95 feet; and a wholesale store, also two storeys, at 202 Lichfield street—a substantial brick building, 120 feet by 66 feet. They are ironmongers and general importers, and their very large and varied stock well repays inspection. Those persons engaged in house furnishing will do well to inspect their holloware, tinware, cutlery, lamps, japanned goods, brushware, galvanised iron tubs and buckets, and all the hundred and one kinds of household articles required for every room in a bouse from the kitchen to the attic, and also for the garden, stable, and sheds, including the whole range from the dandy brush and bucket to the most recherché marble, steel, gilt, brass, and glass requirements for warming and lighting the most elaborate drawing-room. In silver and plated ware there is also a choice stock to select from, either for presents or household use, tempting bijou nick-nacks or plain substantial necessaries. The curious can turn from these to a really choice collection of coffin furniture, which, however, mostly finds admirers "in the trade" rather than among the general public. Coach makers' ironmongery and sundries are also among the principal lines dealt in by this firm, including axles, springs, carriage lamps, bolts and nuts, hinges, shafts of lancewood, hickory, and ash, and a whole host of et ceteras too numerous to catalogue. Builders' ironmongery and brass foundry is another specialty, and it includes locks, bolts, hinges, sash-pullies and fasteners, bolts and nuts, screws, nails, and an immense assortment of articles, the use of which it would puzzle anyone but a builder to discern. The sportsman also will find objects of interest in the stock, for the assortment of guns—muzzle loading, breach loading, central fire, and other —is sufficient to enable the moat exacting to please himself. Gun implements and materials are in hand, gunpowder, shot, percussion caps, waddings, cartridges, cartridge cases, machines for filling cartridges, and all the sundry odds and ends indispensable adjuncts to sporting materials. Air guns in considerable variety are to be seen, and if the wholesale purchaser page 181should happen to want anything not in stock, the firm executes indents on most favourable terms, their connection in the American, English and Continental markets being extensive.