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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

The Hartley Colliery Company

The Hartley Colliery Company.

This Company works the mine known as Hart's Pits, near Whitecliffs, in the Malvern Hills. They are working a ten feet page 161seam of good brown coal, which is called "Brockfield." This coal is preferred to any other for driving the machinery of the Lyttelton Times, of the Drainage Board's pumping works, the Lyttelton Waterworks, the foundries, and other industries.

The analysis of the coal is very high, and the supply is practically inexhaustible, so that the Company bids fair to run all foreign coals out of the market. The Government are at present surveying a line over the few chains between the railway terminus at Whitecliffs and the mine.

The Company has also a seam of good black coal, which, as well as the "Brockfield," is a very good household coal. This native coal has had considerable difficulty in contending against the fact that people have to be educated as to the right way to use Malvern coal. With narrow fire-bars and no stirring or poking, a good, steady, strong heat can be obtained, more reliable than that from any other coal. The wholesale agent is Mr G. B. Hales, 71 Cathedral Square.