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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

[Commercial and Local Industries]

page 152

Some reference to the commerce and manufactures of Christchurch and its neighbourhood we must give, or our Guide would be incomplete. As the settlement has grown, so has the trade in the cities; but for many years manufactures were few and unimportant. Of late, however, a considerable amount of attention has been paid to the fostering of local industries by which the natural resources of the country may be properly utilised. At the same time business companies for the employment of the spare capital of the settlers have been formed, the result being local banks, insurance companies, shipping companies, and agencies of all kinds. Among the manufactures established are—boots and shoes; machinery of all kinds, both agricultural and others; ranges; clothing, woollen goods, tweeds, &c; furniture and upholstery; bricks, tiles, and all kinds of pottery; wagons, carts, carts, carriages, and all kinds of buggies carpets; brooms and brushware; soap and candles; biscuits and confectionery; chemical manures; all kinds of leathers for boot-making, book-binding, and furniture-covering; gold and silver-smith's work; tin-ware; pickles, jams, and sauces; saddlery; ropes and cordage of all sizes; and a host of others, which we need not mention.

Our limits will not permit us to give full descriptions of all the commercial and manufacturing establishments flourishing in and about Chistchurch, but we give our readers the following very representative selection:—