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Cost of Building

Cost of Building.

The approximate cost of the buildings, including the opening function and other expenses was as follows:—

Preparation of the site and ground, such as surveying, levelling, rolling, grassing, fencing, roading and metalling roads 760
Building and pakeha material other than general labour 6,190
Material, carving and transporting from Rotorua 2,500
Building of Taihoa kitchen 600
Material and thatching and weaving 2,000
General Labour 1,000
Opening function 2,500
Balance in hand 450

The above costs were met by the following donations and subscriptions:—

East Coast Maori Land Trust 16,500
Mangatu Trust Lands 1,000
Various Maori Land Boards 620
Carnegie Trust 500
Treasury 500
Native Trust 500
Wairoa Local Maoris 500
Wairoa-Gisborne Pakehas 250
Tawapata South Block 250
Carroll Memorial Committee Old Fund 360
Ormond Family 100
Maori Tribes of New Zealand 3,000
Canteen Takings 500
Entertainment, Haka, Concert and Dance 1,000
Sports, Football and Hockey 420
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Note.—Although the writer was the organising secretary, some of the moneys were collected and paid out by different channels. Therefore the above is just a rough estimate, but it is not far wrong.