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A Brief History of Paoa

A Brief History of Paoa

Paoa, who belonged to Hauraki, was the origination of the principal tribe of that district, the Ngati-Paoa. Very little is known of him on the East Coast, except that he had a competitive race with Rongo-kako, as is related in the history of the latter. The prize in the race was the beautiful maiden Muri-whenua, of the Hauraki district.

Some confusion has been caused by the likeness of the name of Paoa to that of Pawa, the chief of the Horouta canoe. In speech, the names are almost identical, especially to an untrained ear. It must be remembered that Pawa lived six generations ahead of the time of Rongo-kako. The name "Pawa" was a corruption of the Hawaikian name, "Pava," while Paoa, who competed with Rongo-kako was a New Zealander born and named. page 193That Paoa was contemporary with Rongo-kako is proved by the East Coast place name, "Te tawhiti-a-Paoa" (The trap of Paoa). At this place Paoa placed his trap to prevent Rongo-kako continuing his huge strides. Similar confusion has occurred with regard to the name of the Waipaoa River in the Poverty Bay district. This name should be "Wai-a-Pawa" or "Water of Pawa."

To honour Paoa as the representative of the Hauraki district these notes have been included. His name is further honoured by being placed on one of the carved teko-teko's in Takitimu House.

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