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page 267


List of Books and Authorities Consulted and Thanked.

Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vols. 1 to 18.

Hawaiki (2nd and 4th Editions), by S. Percy Smith (President of the Polynesian Society).

Tuhoe-Te Maori (Vols. 1 and 2), by Elsdon Best.

The Coming of the Maori, by Te Rangihiroa (P. H. Buck, D.S.O., M.D.).

Old Wairoa, by Thomas Lambert.

New Zealand Institute, paper by Te Rangihiroa.

The Ancient History of the Maori, by J. White.

Maori of New Zealand, by James Cowan.

Maori and Polynesian,Professor J. MacMillan Brown.

Who Are the Maori? by A. K. Newman, M.D.

Colenso, by Rev. W. Coleso.

Te Matorohanga, by Te.Whata-horo (W. Jury).

Making New Zealand (Vols. 1 and 2), Pictorial Surveys of a Century, by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Maori Religion and Mythology, by Edward Shortland, M.A., M.R.C.P.

The Tairawhiti Maori Association.

Paper relating to the life of Tamatea-Pokai-Whenua, and that of Kahungunu, by H. M. Stowell (Hare Hongi).

And others too numerous to mention here.

Old Maori Books.

By Rawinia Te Apatu, of Te Wai-roa, H.B.

By Tiemi Wirihana, of Te Muriwai, P.B.

By Te Rina Whaanga, of Opoutama, Te Wai-roa, H.B.

By Taitu Paraikete, of Kihitu, Te Wai-roa, H.B.

By Te Waihirere Te Hau, of Nukutaurua, Te Maahia, H.B.

By Hine-kato-rangi Nepe Apatu, of Te Waipatu, Hastings, H.B.

By Te Roera Tareha, of Wai-o-Hiki, Taradale, H.B.

Maori Authorities.

Hon. Sir Apirana Ngata, of Waiomatatini, Waiapu, E.C.

page 268

Rt. Rev. F. A. Bennett, Bishop of Aotearoa, Hastings, H.B.

Rev. Hemi Pititi Huata, of Ramoto, Frasertown, Wai-roa, H.B.

William Cooper, of Hokianga, Bay of Islands.

E. L. Kehoe, of Greymouth.

Rongo-whakaata Halbert, of Gisborne, P.B.

Henare Ruru, of Te Karaka, P.B.

Nutana Te Kawe, of Frasertown, Wai-roa, H.B.

Tiaki Karaitiana, of Te Wai-roa, H.B.

Angiangi Te Hau, of Te Maahia, H.B.

Te Roera Tareha, of Wai-o-Hiki, Taradale, H.B.

Waimarama Hawaikirangi, of Pakipaki, Hastings, H.B.

Paraire H. Tomoana, of Waipatu, Hastings, H.B.

Tuiri Tareha, of Wai-o-Hiki, Taradale, H.B.

Pitiera Te Wainohu, of Mohaka, Te Wai-roa, H.B.

Taare Mete, of Tahaenui, Nuhaka, H.B.

Te Kooti Henare, of Whakaki, Te Wai-roa, H.B.

Peta Hema, of Te Waiau, Frasertown, Te Wai-roa, H.B.

And many others of the old Maoris who have passed away, and come in contact with the writer during his lifetime.

Assistance in Wording Some of the Manuscripts.

G. M. O'Malley, Solicitor, Wai-roa; J. Boyd, Frasertown; O. H. E. Yates, M.A., Headmaster, Wai-roa District High School; Ven. Archdeacon M. W. Butterfield, B.A., B.D., Th.Schol.; H. Carr, Judge of the Native Land Court; Dr. C. M. Debden-Wilkins; Mrs. Blyth, Teacher, North Clyde, Wai-roa; Misses Ellison and M. Foley, for typing.

Information Supplied.

From Messrs. W. J. Phillips, Dominion Museum, Wellington; H. C. McQueen, New Zealand Council for Educational Research, Wellington; Mr. A. Sutherland, of "Hansard," Wellington.