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To dream of courting with a pretty maiden is a sign of success; push on with your hunting, assuredly you will get a fine pig.

If you dream that the spirit of another person comes and attacks you, that is a kuku, or nightmare, and woe betide the page 256physical body of that spirit. He will, ere long, be overcome by some disaster. He cannot escape.

To dream that a person makes insulting gestures toward you is a moe whakanene and a puhore, or a sign of non-success. No use going hunting that day or accompanying a fishing party.

If, in sleep, your hand closes quickly, convulsively, as if clutching something, that is a kamu, and a lucky sign. You will, ere long, receive a present, probably of property or food. It is already on its way to you.

To dream that, when travelling and about to camp for the night, you light a fire on the track, is a sure sign of evil in store for you, or one of your companions. Always go aside from a track to make a fire.

If, when sleeping alongside another person he nudges you with his elbow, that is an evil omen for you, but you can avert it by pinching him.

To dream that you are having your hair cut it an evil omen for some one of your relatives.

To dream that you got to a place where you see people eating a meal without offering you any, is a sure sign of ill-luck for those people, they will ere long be plundered.

To dream that you are flying through space, pursued by another person, is lucky so long as he does not catch you, but unlucky if he does.

It is lucky to dream of taking two birds at once.

It is unlucky to dream that you see relatives drown. Soon someone will die.

To dream that you see a calabash of preserved food is un lucky for the owner of such food.

To dream that you see a house with a doorway in the rear wall is unlucky. (Native houses have but one doorway, in the front.) Or if a house stands so that the back wall of another house is immediately before its doorway, that is unlucky.

It is unlucky to dream of seeing a relative or friend wearing black garments, for very soon he will be departing for the next world.

To dream that you see your wife standing naked is a sign of losing some member of your family.

To dream of seeing some of your dead relatives is a sure sign of a coming storm.