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Poverty Bay District

Poverty Bay District.

Turanga is the Maori popular name for this district; it is used with two descriptive additions:—

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"Turanga ara rau" and also "Turanga makau rau." (Turanga of different tracks, and Turanga of many darlings.)

The first denotes that the people are disunited in all walks of life, and in consequence there are many family quarrels and wars.

The second is the frequent changing of husbands and wives.

It has been a common expression by both sexes when they go out love-making to say: "E; ko Turanga makau rau tenei." (O; it is quite in order, for this is Turanga of many darlings.)

Another common expression is by a husband or wife when visiting the Poverty Bay district to say a parting farewell (jokingly or otherwise): "Hei konei; e haere ana tenei ki Turanga makau rau" (Remain here; this person is going to Turanga of many darlings.)