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The New Zealand Evangelist

General Religious Intelligence — Mr. Gorham and the Bishop of Exeter.—

General Religious Intelligence.

Mr. Gorham and the Bishop of Exeter.—

The important question that arose, from the Bishop of Exeter refusing to induct the Rev. Mr. Gorham, has been decided in the Court of Arches, by page 317 Sir Herbert Jenners Fust. The question to be decided, said Sir Herbert, was, “What was the teaching of the Church of England. It was not what the Scriptures taught, not what were the private opinions of the Reformers—but the doctrine of the Church of England. On the subject of Baptism, the Articles and Offices of the Church said every where the same thing; and that thing was that children invariably and always were spiritually regenerated by the act of baptism. The question, therefore, in respect to Mr. Gorham personally, comes to this, Had the Bishop shown sufficient cause for not instituting him in his benefice: his reply, as Judge of that Court was, that forasmuch as it was proved that Mr. Gorham did not hold the doctrine of the Church touching haptismal regeneration, the Bishop had shown cause, and was justified in his refusal to induct Mr. Gorham; and that therefore the case must be dismissed in favour of the Bishop, with costs.