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The New Zealand Evangelist

Moral Aspect of the World

page 274

Moral Aspect of the World.

Asia contains 585,000,000 Heathen…. 600,000,000
Europe contains 235,000,000 Mahometans.. 140,000,000
Africa contains 110,000,000 of which are Jews …….. 10,000,000
America contains 50,000,000 Romish Church 130,000,000
Oceanica contains 20,000,000 Greek……. 55,000,000
Total.. 1,000,000,000 Protestant denominations .. 65,000,000

Protestant Missions.—The whole number of Foreign Missionaries are as follows:—

North American Indians, 105; Africa, 236; Western Asia, 31; India, 365; Burmah, Siam, 33; China, 54; South Sea Islands, 110; West Indies, 324; Greenland, 30; the Jews, 37; total, 1,345; total Assistant Missionaries, 233; Native Assistants, 1,958; Communicants, 174,426; Scholars, 122,542.

Let the pious reader look at these two accounts, and he will sigh over the millions which are yet “sitting in darkness, and in the valley of the shadow of death,” And let him ask himself, what have I done to help forward the cause of Christ?