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The New Zealand Evangelist

Poetry — Family Harmony.


Family Harmony.

O sweet, as vernal dews that fill
The closing buds on Zion hill,
When evening clouds draw thither;
So sweet, so heavenly, ‘tis to see
The members of one family,
Live peacefully together.
The children, like the lily flowers,
On which descend the sun and showers,
Their hues of beauty blending;
page 168 The parents, like the willow boughs,
On which the lovely foliage grows,
Their friendly shade extending.
But leaves the greenest will decay,
And flowers the brightest fade away,
When Autumn winds are sweeping;
And be the household e'er so fair,
The hand of death will soon be there,
And turn the scene to weeping.
Yet leaves again will clothe the trees,
And lilies wave beneath the breeze,
When Spring comes smiling hither;
And friends who parted at the tomb,
May yet renew their loveliest bloom,
And meet in Heaven together.