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The New Zealand Evangelist

Bible Society and Tract Society's Depository.—

Bible Society and Tract Society's Depository.

Mr. Lyon, having opened his newly enlarged, and greatly improved premises, has reserved a portion of them as the depository of the Bible Society and Religious Tract Society's Publications. We beg to call the attention of our readers to some new and greatly enlarged supplies of bibles; including school bibles, church bibles, and family bibles. The church bibles are in great variety both of size and binding, some of them very elegant and beautiful. We call the page 142 attention of our young men and young women particularity to these; no one ought to attend the House of God without the Book of God; and it ought to be every one's ambition to have the best copy they can procure of the best book. Heads of families who wish to possess a good family bible would do well to visit the depository without delay; the number of these bibles is but limited, and they are being fast bought up. It is true, family readings or family worshipmay be performed with any kind of bible; but the very sight of a large, venerable bible is a constant monitor to those forgetful of this important and delightful exercise. A family bible, is also the most appropriate ornament in a Christian's dwelling, and no heirloom is more care fully preserved or more highly prized by dutiful children, and pious descendants than “The “big ha’ Bible, once their father's pride.” Besides the publications of these two Societies Mr. Lyon has a supply of church and school bibles with Scotch psalms; and a great variety of religious and instructive books, principally of the cheap and elegant volumes published within the last few years by Nelson We purpose from time to time to notice some of these different publications, and point out those that are best suited to different classes of readers.