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The New Zealand Evangelist

Persia. The Scriptures.—Dr. Glen's Interview with the King

Persia. The Scriptures.—Dr. Glen's Interview with the King.

It is cheering to learn that in Persia there is an increasing desire among the educated and influen-page 99tial classes to obtain and study the Holy Scriptures. The New Testament was translated into Persian many years ago by the Rev. Henry Martyn. The Old Testament has been recently translated into the same language by the Rev. Dr. Glen, a Missionary of the United Secession Church in Scotland, who has been for many years in Persia. Dr. Glen and his son have lately returned to Persia for the purpose of circulating the Scriptures. They had obtained an encouraging reception from both the Premier and the King of Persia. In describing the interview with the King Dr. Glen says, “Previously to our entering the hall, the Khan had committed my translation of the Old Testament, with Martyn's translation of the Angeel (New Testament,) and Merrick's version of Dr. Keith's Evidence of Prophecy, to a subordinate servant to be presented on a tray when called for. The first volume that happened to be handed to his Majesty was Martyn's Translation of the New Testament, to which he seemed to be no stranger. The next volume presented was the first of the Old Testament. The title page of this he read aloud, stating by whom, and at whose order it had been translated and printed, and succeeded, almost to admiration in pronouncing as pointed, such words as 'United Associate Synod of Scotland,'—'Thomas Constable,'—'Edinburgh,'&c.,—which last, at his request, we told him was the Paye Tacht, (foot of the throne) of Scottish Kings in ancient times. On handing back the book to the servant in waiting, he first kissed and then put it to his forehead, with the same indication of reverence which he would have shown had it been their own sacred book, the Koran. The last volume put into his hand was Merrick's version of Keith's Evidence of Prophecy, and what surprised me most of all was his reading the whole of the preface aloud, containing two closely printed, large octavo pages, descriptive of Dr. Keith's object in composing the original work in English, namely, that of neutralizing or repelling the objections of European sceptics to the page 100 divine origin of the Bible by showing the fulfilment, in modern times, of predictions made by the prophets, hundreds or thousands of years ago—a result which none but God could forsee, or enable any mortal to foretell.” They left the royal presence gratified and thankful by the encouragement and success that God had vouchsafed to them.