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The New Zealand Evangelist

Popish Delusion

Popish Delusion.

The Pope has just issued a letter to his subjects, which he concludes in the following terms:—“In fulfilment of our duty, as the Supreme Pontiff, we humbly and devoutly invoke the great Mother of Mercy, that, through her intercession, the whole City and State of Rome may be saved from the wrath of the Omnipotent God.” It would not be easy to carry the infatuation of error much further! God—the eternal triune God—is represented as a God of wrath; Mary, as the only Mediator, and the great source of mercy; the only refuge to which the poor old man has recourse in his distress. Can we wonder at his humiliations and sufferings, who loses sight of the fact that God is love; that the Incarnate Word is the only Mediator between God and man; and that page 56 there is no authority for believing that Mary is any more than a sinner saved by grace!