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The New Zealand Evangelist

Men and Books.—

Men and Books.—

It is stated, on the authority of professor Tholuck, of Halle, that “the so-called Reformed German Catholics were fast diminishing and would soon disappear, some becoming Protestant Lutherans, but most rationalists and infidels. Ronge himself had cut loose from all religious and moral restrants, and was now living the life of an abandoned libertine. Doviat, the coadjutor of Rong, has been imprisoned for sedition, and had lately published an avowal that he and his party had only made religion a mask under which they might work out their political schemes. And Czerski, though a good man, was weak and wavering.”

page 350

A translation into German of Dr. Merle d'Aubigne's History of the Reformation, was commenced two years ago by Dr. M. Runkel. It is to be completed in five or six volumes. It is published at a very low price, so as to become an “Evangelical book of the people.”