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The New Zealand Evangelist

Death of a New Zealander.—

Death of a New Zealander.—

I was at Manawapou on the 3rd inst., a place in this Circuit, and found a fine young man about 24 years of age, in dying circumstances. He was lying in a small page 27 house in shape like our dog-houses at home, the heat and smell most offensive, and the entrance was so small that I could not go in to pray with him. I stood outside. He heard my voice. I asked him “Do you know me?” He turned round, and with his large dark expressive eyes, exclaimed, “Yes, you are my minister.” I asked him the state of his mind. He replied that it was dark on account of the great pain in his body. The next morning he died repeating the words of our Lord, “I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day, the night cometh when no man can work.”—John, ix, 4.

Twins.—There are two young men in this neighbourhood, Natives of Katotauru, and the resemblance is so great that they are mistaken the one for the other.