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The New Zealand Evangelist


Annual Festival of the Wesleyan Sabbath School.

—On Tuesday, the 9th January, the children of the above school, received their annual treat from their patronsand friends. At an early hour in the afternoon they mustered in considerable force, every eye beaming with delight, every countenance betokening anxious expectation. Although the day was lowering and foretold heavy rain, the Superintendent and Teachers marshalled them into procession order, with a banner at their head, intending to march them up the Hutt Road, singing as they went. They set off in high glee, but had not proceeded many yards above the bridge, before the rain, regardless of new frocks and jackets, came down in pitiful torrents, causing their very speedy retrocession to the Chapel, not in the beautiful order in which they started. They were then subjected to an examination, by the Rev. J. Watkin, as to their Scripture knowledge, which done they, nothing loth, sat down to an abundant provision of buns, bread and butter, and tea. The appetite they evinced was astonishing, proving very satisfactorily that the gloomy day did not prevent their enjoyment. About 150 boys and girls, all healthy and vigorous, in every grade of age and size, were regaled; being nearly the whole number on the books of the school. When the youngsters had been feasted to their heart's content, the parents and friends, including a goodly number of visitors from Wellington and the country, sat down to tea. But as the number, about 200 was twice as many as was expected, sufficient quantity of crockery &c., was not at hand, though there was no lack of eatables and drinkables. Happy they who secured a seat at table and a cup and saucer. However, every one appeared determined to be happy, and it would seem that they succeded; for a more joyous and satisfies set of countenances it has seldom been our privilege to witness.

In the course of the evening addresses were delivered and re marks on the great advancement made in the District, not only it matters temporal, but also in their Educational and Religious con cerns, by the Rev. Messrs. Watkin and Ironside, also by Mr C Hunt, and Mr. Poad, the Superintendent of the School. The pecuniary results of the festival were about sixteen pounds, which after defraying expenses, will be appropriated to the purchase of suitable Reward and other Books for the children of the School.