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The New Zealand Evangelist

The Prayer Meeting

The Prayer Meeting.

Attend the Prayer-Meeting.—Would you warm the heart of your faithful Pastor, and strengthen his hands in labour? Attend the prayer-meeting.—Would you seek a revival of your Scriptural graces, and a return of your first love? Attend the prayer-meeting. Do the ways of Zion mourn because many have forgotten the Lord who bought them? Attend the prayer-meeting; and pray with the spirit, and with the understanding also. Are sinners perishing without pardon, and few coming out on the Lord's side? Attend the prayer-meeting, and wrestle with God, till he pour out such a blessing, that there shall page 155 not be room enough to contain it. The promise of Christ's presence is to those “gathered together in his name;”—attend the prayer-meeting, you will there meet him. Are you become cold, languid, careless in religious feelings? attend the prayer-meeting; it is the most likely course for you to pursue in order to again obtain that warmth and comfort and vigour, of which neglect of prayer has deprived you.

“To God your every want
In instant prayer display;
Pray always; pray, and never faint;
Pray without ceasing, pray.