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The New Zealand Evangelist

Public Operations

Public Operations.

While Summer with its genial and reviving influences has produced such a mighty and delightful change over the whole face of nature, it was to be expected that Man would participate in the general feelings of reuovated life and joy, and so it has been.—Despondency and fear have given way to confidence and hope, and listless apathy to well directed application. Since the heavy shocks ceased, and the tremors have been slighter, fewer, and farther between, the settlers almost on eand all have set about the repairing of their dilapidated dwellings without hesitation or delay; rising with the emergency and displaying all that fertility of invention, that energy of purpose and celerity of action, which are in general so conspieuous in those whose powers of self-reliance have been developed and cultivated by the circumstances in which they have been placed, and the training through which they must pass, in the first struggles of a newly established colony; ruins are disappearing, chimneys are springing up, and houses are rising perfect and complete in all directions. Industry like the philosopher's stone turns all it touches into gold; its power is more than tha tof magic; its changes are realities not illusions. Augustus found Rome built of brick and left it built of marble, but this was a work of forty long years; in nearly as many days, at least the most of the smaller olay and brick ruins will be replaced by houses of wood.