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The New Zealand Evangelist

Destruction of Property

Destruction of Property.

The destruction of property, has been very great; scarcely a clay or brick building but is either thrown down or rent and shattered so as to be uninhabitable. The Wesleyan Chapel was rent by the first shock, shattered completely by the second, and brought to the ground by the third. Several of the large brick stores passed through the same process. The gaol is a tottering ruin, the roof being supported only by the two aide-walls, and these very much rent. The Colonial Hospital is in a similar state. Most of the other brick buildings and the stone barracks at Porirua are rent and shattered to a great extent. Almost every chimney in the settlement has been thrown down. Wellington presents a melancholy scene of ruins,—the labour of years has perished in a day. A great number of families are houseless and homeless, living for the time being with their friends and neighbours. Many slept during the danger in tents.