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The New Zealand Evangelist

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times.

Few aspects of the times are more striking than the prominence that is now given to religion in all places and among all classes. In the debates in the House of Commons on the bill for the admission of the Jews to sit as Members of Parliament, the religious bearings of the question were far more insisted on by many of the speakers, than the political. It is said that from the frequent and ready reference to the words and principles of the Bible, it might almost have been supposed that one of the Puritanical parliaments page 114 of the first Charles, or of the days of the Commonwealth had risen from the dead. There is among our Senators a much greater number of religious men than has been, for a long time past. Some of the leading periodicals that a few years ago were purely literary and political, have now a strong infusion of evangelical principles. The element of earnestness is much stronger in every religious system, be it true or false than it has been perhaps for a century and a-half. Every system must now be in earnest; apathy is now death to any cause. If Evangelism is to be victorious our hearts must be in it.