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The New Zealand Evangelist

Individual Exertion.—

Individual Exertion.—

In the vicinity of Malahide (diocese of Toronto) is a signal proof of what may be done by a single person whose heart is in the work. Mr. Johnson has a large family, and is not a wealthy farmer, nevertheless he resolved upon building a Church upon his own farm. The Church is almost completed, as he is determined to finish it without any assistance.

This, he says, he had on his mind when he first came into the woods and settled on his land, and was an invigorating source of encouragement which never left him; and to this he attributes his continual health, and gradual progress towards independence. It was, he remarked, a great undertaking for a poor man, but he and his family have done most of the work with their own hands; and he thinks he is in better circumstances than he would have been had he made no such attempt.—Report of the Propagation Society.