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The New Zealand Evangelist

New Episcopal, Church, Te Aro

New Episcopal, Church, Te Aro.

This Church was opened for public worship on Sabbath, the 10th ultimo, by the Rev. R. Cole, A.M. It is an elegant and substantial building, capable of containing from 200 to 300 people. It will furnish to the members and adherents of the Church of England, in that locality, a great facility in attending upon public worship. This is the eleventh Protestant place of worship in the Wellington settlement. Every additional erection of this kind is another public witness in behalf of the Christian Religion, and against infidelity, ungodliness, and immorality; tending to diminish the number of open Sabbath breakers, to increase the number of the church-going population, and to strengthen the hands of the professed worshippers of Jehovah. They are all places where God's word is read and expounded, where His praises are sung, where Divine ordinances are dispensed, where blessings are implored, and where judgments are deprecated. The thousand Churches in London have been happily represented as so many lightening conductors, by which the wrath of God is averted from a guilty community.