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The New Zealand Evangelist

Wesleyan Methodist Annual District Meeting, Southern Section

Wesleyan Methodist Annual District Meeting, Southern Section.

The Wesleyan Ministers of the Province of New Munster have just concluded their Annual District Meeting. Throughout its, sittings the greatest unanimity prevailed, The business of the Meeting embraced the operations of the past, and arrangements and plans for the ensuing year. Both a review of the former, and the prospects of the latter, in both the English and Native Departments of the gre at Missionary work, awakened the liveliest feelings of gratitude. The labours of the Ministers among both races have been crowned with success. They can point to many and say” the seals of” our” Apostleship are ye in the Lord.” The year about to be entered upon affords encouraging prospects. Several chapels, for the benefit of both Natives and Europeans, are about to be erected—aid from the Local Government, for educational purposes is shortly to be afforded. These things, with the peaceful and lively state of our Societies, lead us to anticipate a deepening and an extension of the work of God.

There are few places in this Province in a more encouraging state than the Hutt, in the Wellington Circuit. The settlers in this beautiful valley have left no means untried to obtain a Resident Minister. They have been strong and urgent in their request; and as a proof of their sincerity have promised to raise the annual sum of £100 towards a minister's stipend. The meeting constrained by their importunity, and encouraged by the promise of such pecuniary aid, has decided that they shall have a Minister. Arrangements have accordingly been made; and by God's will, the settlers will soon have granted unto them the desire of their page 95 heart. And while the earnestness, exertions, and liberality of those immediately connected with the Society were pleasurably and thankfully dwelt upon, the meeting was highly gratified by the friendliness of others, not directly in communion with the Wesleyan Church. The kindness and Christian spirit of William Swainson, Eb., F.R.S., were referred to, and called forth great admiration. It was observed by the Ministers present, that such kindness had not been of a doubtful and of an inconstant nature, but most unequivocal, uniform, and of long duration. While such conduct in any age, and in any place, merits the approval of every pious man, yet in these days and scenes of bigotry and exclusivism, it spams to be entitled to special admiration.

In this Province there are eight regular Ministers—eight English Chapels—and 16 other English preaching places. There are about 311 European Communicants, 379 Sunday and Day Scholars, and about 1510 inclusive of Scholars who attend Wesleyan Services. Adding these to the Native Congregations, there are 5221 under the care of the Missionaries of this Province.

Wellington, September 21, 1848.