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From Tasman To Marsden.


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Page 203, following after the advertisement:

On 21st December the Queen Charlotte, a brig belonging to J. Birnie, called in at the Bay on her road to the Society and Marquesas Islands. She had on board the Rev. Wm. Ellis, later on author of a work, “Polynesian Researches," but now on his road to the Society Islands to commence his missionary labours. When opposite Whangaroa numbers of Natives approached the vessel to trade with fish, lines, hooks, and curios, but the Captain refused to allow them on board and compelled all barter to take place direct from the canoes. The day after Ellis' arrival being Sunday, and the second anniversary of Marsden's first sermon in New Zealand, the reverend gentleman was invited to take the service, which he did, and preached to a Native gathering not far from where Marsden's impromptu Church was. The Queen Charlotte remained a week at the Bay, during which time Ellis took every opportunity of becoming acquainted with the country, and accompanied the Captain and William Hall in their expeditions to the great kauri forests, from whence the ships obtained their supplies. After procuring a supply of water, food for cattle and sheep, and some timber to build the houses of the Society Islands missionaries, the Queen Charlotte sailed on 28th December.

Page 209, at the end of the year 1817:

These comprised the Rev. John Williams, afterwards to become one of the best-known of the Polynesian missionaries, his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Threlkeld, and Mr. and Mrs. Barff. On 13th September New Zealand was sighted, but, owing to a gale springing up, it was not until the sixteenth that the Active anchored in the Bay. Shortly afterwards the Mission settlers came on board and invited their Tahitian brethren to reside on shore with them during their stay. This invitation was readily accepted, and the whole party lived at the Mission Station for the nineteen days the Active remained in the Bay.

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