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From Tasman To Marsden.


page 100


During February the Alexander was at New Zealand and sailed from there on the twenty-second of that month. Captain Rhodes did not follow out his plan of proceeding to the South American grounds, but returned to Sydney on 21st May.

On 4th July Captain Bunker brought the Albion into Sydney, a full ship of 1400 barrels, from New Zealand and Sandy Cape.

During the month of June New Zealand was visited by the Lady Nelson, an Armed Tender of 60 tons utilised by the Governor of New South Wales for public work. She had sailed from Sydney on 29th April, and, after being buffeted about by very bad weather, Capt. J. Simmonds had made for New Zealand for wood and water. On 3rd June the Three Kings were sighted, and, two days afterwards, the North Cape. Simmonds made for the Bay of Islands and, on coming to anchor there, was surrounded by about 200 Natives in their canoes. The Maoris were very friendly, selling potatoes and other vegetables, mats, and curios, for scraps of paper, button tops, old useless nails, or anything else that could be secured. The next day Simmonds went ashore and superintended the watering which the Natives carried out with alacrity. Amongst the other purchases made was a pig, for which a new razor was given, but a chief, seeing the animal, asked to have it back as it was a present from Captain Rhodes. The request was at once complied with. The following morning so many Natives came on board that it was thought advisable to quit the Bay. On 9th June the Lady Nelson was obliged to anchor in Cavalle Bay, where again the Natives were found to be very friendly. On 12th June the Captain had to cut his cable, and, after beating about for two hours, weathered the land and ran through between the mainland and Cavalle Islands. Leaving New Zealand the Lady Nelson made for Norfolk Island, and returned to Sydney on 8th July.