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The Old Whaling Days


page 89


From Bunn's establishment in 1832 the Caroline came up to Sydney on 1st April, 17th June, and 29th August, bringing up with her 80 tuns oil, 12 cwt. bone, 685 skins, 26 tons flax and 12,100 feet of timber. At the end of the season Bunn put on the Bee, and brought up in her from the same station, another 90 tuns oil, 5½ tons whalebone, 3000 feet of timber, 700 baskets of flax and 15 skins. Her passenger list comprised Mr. James Joss, Mr. Griffiths, Mr. Wareham, Mr. E. Barker and a Maori woman.

About the end of the year Williams purchased from the local chief, Te Whakataupuka, the land from the northward of Dusky to the south head of Preservation Inlet for a payment of 60 muskets. Williams says it was effected in 1829 but no deed was drawn up until 1832, on which date Te Whakataupuka attached his moko or copy of his tattoo marks, to a deed of which the following copy is to be found amongst the papers connected with Williams' application before the Lands Claims Commissioners. This is probably the first conveyance of land in the South Island.

“To all whom it may concern be it known that I Taboca Rangatera or Chief of the Southern Territories of New Zealand, have this (9th) ninth day of November In the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty two sold unto Peter Williams of New South Wales his Heirs, Executors. Administrators or Assigns for ever all my right Title and Interest in and to all that portion of my territory situated being and lying on the West side of the Middle Island New Zealand beginning from the North Head of Dusky Bay in Latitude 45° South and 166° 15 East and ending at the South Head of Preservation in Latitude 46° 30′ South and 166° 43′ E. also all those Islands within those boundaries and all the other Islands not herein mentioned including also all Rivers Streams Inlets Fisheries Tenements Buildings Cultivations &c. &c. to him the said Peter Williams his Heirs Executors page 90 Administrators or Assigns from henceforth and for ever in Consideration of which I Taboca Rangatera Acknowledge to have received Sixty Muskets. In Witness whereof I have this day set my hand and Seal in my Tatto likeness Opposite.”

(The Chief's Tatto.)
Middle Island or Tavai Poenammoo.

Witness James × Spencer.

Peter Williams.

The Rev. R. Taylor, writing in 1855, described Te Whakataupuka as a great chief of the Middle Island, known to the sailors as Old Wig and celebrated as much for his cunning as for his courage. He died, Taylor says, of measles, in 1833.