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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.


(Journals and documents covering a period will be found on page xvi.)

* In the “Records” wrongly designated “Lieutenant.”

* In “Records” wrongly described as Government and General Order.

In “Records” wrongly dated 1815.

* Heading and ending of Order not given on pp. 328 and 329, but will be found on pp. 427 and 428.

* Wrongly dated 1892.

* In the “Records” wrongly given as “H.”

* In the “Records” wrongly given as “Hay.”

23 Oct.Cook to Secretary Stephens1
No dateCrew of “Endeavour”5
No dateSurgeon Perry to Lieutenant Cook7
12 JulyState of “Endeavour”10
27 JulyGeneral Evening Post10
13 Aug.Cook to Secretary Stephens15
15 JulyCook to Furneaux15
28 Mar.Cook to Furneaux16
4 JuneCook to Furneaux17
17 JulyCook to Furneaux18
5 AprilFurneaux to Secretary Stephens18
18 Mar.Furneaux to Secretary Stephens19
22 Mar.Cook to Secretary Stephens20
24 MayCook to Mr. Banks23
6 JulyCook's Secret Instructions24
10 JulyCook to Mr. Banks29
20 Oct.Cook to Secretary Stephens29
15–26 Dec.Mr. Pallas to Mr. Pennant32
23 Aug.J. M. Matra's proposal36
1 Oct.J. M. Matra to Under-Secretary Nepean43
12 Oct.James De Lancey to J. M. Matra44
26 Dec.Lord Howe to Lord Sydney45
13 Jan.Attorney-General to Lord Sydney45
18 Aug.Lord Sydney to Lords Commissioners of Treasury49
31 Aug.Lord Sydney to Lords of the Admiralty56
No dateProposal for settlement of New South Wales58
No datePhillip's proposals67
Inset—Hist. Recordspage viii
1 Mar.Phillip to Under-Secretary Nepean71
24 MayProposed trading settlement at Norfolk Island72
24 MayCaptain Bligh to Secretary Stephens73
28 JuneCaptain Bligh to Secretary Stephens74
3 Jan.Captain Hunter to Secretary Stephens74
13 Oct.Lieutenant Bligh to Sir Joseph Banks92
15 Oct.Captain Bligh to Secretary Stephens76
12 Feb.Governor Phillip to Lord Sydney104
Mar.M. W. Grenville to Governor Phillip113
22 Dec.Instructions for Mr. Menzies115
1 Jan.Further instructions for Mr. Menzies118
10 Jan.King's Description of Norfolk Island119
11 Feb.Lord Grenville to the Lord of the Admiralty122
18 AprilLieutenant-Governor King to Under-Secretary Nepean126
5 JulyRight Hon. H. Dundas to Governor Phillip127
6 JulyRight Hon. H. Dundas to Lords of the Admiralty128
17 JulyCaptain Vancouver to Under-Secretary Nepean131
9 Aug.Captain Vancouver to Lord Grenville132
20 Aug.Instructions to Vancouver133
22 Aug.J. Johnston to J. Berteret136
24 Oct.Lieutenant-Governor King to Marquis of Buckingham137
23 Nov.Lieutenant-Governor King to Under-Secretary Nepean139
No dateBanks' notes re Vancouver141
26 Sept.Mr.* Menzies to Sir J. Banks143
4 Oct.Governor Phillip to Right Hon. Henry Dundas147
4 Oct.Major Grose to Governor Phillip148
4 Oct.Governor Phillip to Major Grose148
15 Oct.Captain Vancouver to Governor Phillip154
29 Dec.Captain Vancouver to Governor Phillip156
29 Dec.Captain Vancouver to Lieutenant Hanson158
19 AprilLieutenant-Governor Grose to Right Hon. Henry Dundas164
21 AprilLieutenant-Governor Grose to Right Hon. Henry Dundas164
[gap — reason: illegible] Sept.Lieutenant-Governor Grose to Right Hon. Henry Dundas166
2 Nov.Captain Raven to Lieutenant-Governor King177
7 Nov.Lieutenant-Governor King to Captain Nepean175
7 Nov.Lieutenant-Governor King to Captain Raven176
9 Nov.Lieutenant-Governor King to Under-Secretary Nepean168
19 Nov.Lieutenant-Governor King to Right Hon. Henry Dundas169
19 Nov.Lieutenant-Governor King to Under-Secretary Nepean179
19 Nov.Letter from Norfolk Island182
19 Nov.W. N. Chapman to Mrs. Chapman185page ix
25 Feb.Lieutenant-Governor Grose to Lieutenant-Governor King187
10 Mar.Lieutenant-Governor King to Right Hon. Henry Dundas189
19 Mar.Lieutenant-Governor King to Lieutenant-Governor Grose193
23 JuneHunter's instructions195
21 Mar.Lieutenant-Governor Paterson to Right Hon. Henry Dundas195
1 JuneCaptain Bampton to Lieutenant-Governor Paterson198
10 JuneDuke of Portland to Governor Hunter199
19 Jan.Lieutenant-Governor King to Duke of Portland203
19 Jan.Captain Bampton to Lieutenant-Governor King204
19 Jan.Lieutenant-Governor King to Deputy Commissary Clark205
18 Oct.Lieutenant-Governor King on Norfolk Island206
26 Dec.Minute of the Board of Trade216
10 Jan.Governor Hunter to Duke of Portland217
13 Feb.Lieutenant-Governor King to Sir J. Banks219
26 JuneLieutenant-Governor King to Major Foveaux221
18 Dec.India Government Officials to Governor King221
2 Oct.Governor King to Marquis Wellesley223
31 Dec.Governor King's report224
30 Jan.George Bass to Captain Waterhouse225
22 Mar.Ex-Governor Hunter to Under-Secretary King227
29 Mar.Governor King to Duke of Portland232
21 MayGovernor King to whaling captains234
21 MayWhaling captains to Governor King234
5 JuneGovernor King to Sir J. Banks236
5 Jan.George Bass to Captain Waterhouse240
30 Jan.George Bass to Governor King242
2 Feb.George Bass to Captain Waterhouse244
9 MayGovernor King's notes244
9 MayGovernor King to Lord Hobart246
30 JuneShipping return248
29 Nov.Shipping return248
31 Dec.Shipping return249
29 Aug.Sir J. Banks to Governor King249
31 Dec.Shipping returns253
30 AprilGovernor King to Earl Camden253
26 MayGovernment and General Order257
31 Dec.Governor King to Under-Secretary Cooke258
31 Dec.Shipping returns (two)260
2 Jan.King papers261
4 JuneBanks on State of New South Wales271page x
7 JulyBanks' observations on Bill276
12 Aug.Shipping returns (two)278
30 JuneShipping returns279
8 Oct.Surgeon Luttrell to Under-Secretary Sullivan279
–Dec.Ex-Governor King on timbers286
1 Oct.Lieutenant-Governor Collins to Under-Secretary Cooke288
10 JuneGovernor Bligh to Viscount Castlereagh289
11 Oct.Certificate of shipping agents re “Boyd”293
No dateMemo concerning New South Wales289
6 JanMassacre of the “Boyd”293
6 JanA. Berry to Governor Macquarie295
12 Mar.Governor Macquarie to Viscount Castlereagh296
12 Mar.S. R. Chace's evidence re Boyd298
10 AprilWhalers to Governor Macquarie299
15 AprilWilliam Leith to Lord, Williams, and Thompson301
30 AprilGovernor Macquarie to Viscount Castlereagh304
11 Aug.Ex-Governor Bligh to Sir J. Banks305
1 Sept.Sydney Gazette account of “Boyd”306
25 Oct.Marsden to Pratt (extract)421
31 Dec.Shipping returns (two)309
19 Mar.J. Bosanquet to W. Fawkner310
21 Mar.Calcutta Gazette account of Boyd310
10 AprilW. Ramsay to Messrs. Enderby312
4 JuneReport of Committee of Church Missionary Society312
13 Aug.Captain Birnie to Governor Macquarie314
14 Aug.Statement of Governor Macquarie315
25 Mar.Birnie with Williams (agreement)468
31 Mar.Captain Birnie to Governor Macquarie315
1 AprilNotes by Governor Macquarie316
10 Nov.Deposition of John Besant421
19 Nov.Deposition of Jacob Williams426
1 Dec.Proclamation* by Governor Macquarie316
1 Dec.Summary of above429
13 Dec.Hampshire Telegraph re Macquarie Island318
9 Mar.Rev. Samuel Marsden to Captain Dillon318
15 Mar.Rev. Samuel Marsden to Church Missionary Society319
15 Mar.Rev. Samuel Marsden to Church Missionary Society321
12 MayGovernor Macquarie to Under-Secretary of State322
20 Sept.Extract from letter by S. Marsden402
3 Oct.The New South Wales New Zealand Company to Governor Macquarie323page xi
9 Nov.Government and General Order*328, 427
No dateS. Lord with R. Williams470
No dateLord and Blaxcell with Williams473
12 dateGovernment and General Order329
18 dateS. Marsden to J. Pratt330
No dateNew South Wales New Zealand Company with Williams473
24 Feb.Church Missionary Society conveyance400
27 MayT. Kendall to S. Marsden400
17 JuneG. Blaxcell to Secretary Campbell401
19 Aug.Government and General Order402
2 Oct.S. Marsden to Church Missionary Society (extract)404
23 Oct.T. Kendall to Secretary Campbell404
26 Oct.S. Marsden to J. Pratt405
6 Nov.S. Marsden to J. Pratt424
No dateT. Kendall on massacre of “Boyd”406
6 Jan.Opinion of Bench of Magistrates427
9 AprilEarl Bathurst to Governor Macquarie407
25 JuneJ. Pratt to Earl Bathurst407
4 Oct.Captain Hammond to Secretary Campbell408
1 AprilGovernor Macquarie to Earl Bathurst409
1 AprilRobert Williams to Governor Macquarie410
2 MayS. Marsden to Church Missionary Society413
15 MayGovernor Macquarie to Earl Bathurst415
7 Oct.W. Moreran to Governor Macquarie416
No dateMemorial of Committee of Church Missionary Society417
No dateDeposition of James Elder422
No dateDeposition of James Besant424
No dateDeposition of Abraham Hendricke, &c.424
10 JuneReport on New Zealand flax432.
13 JuneSir Robert Barlow on flax513
19 JuneNavy Board to the Admiralty431
4 MayReport of Committee of Church Missionary Society433
14 JulyS. Marsden to J. Pratt435
24 JulyS. Marsden and R. Cartwright to J. Pratt436
28 JulyS. Marsden to J. Pratt437
5 Nov.S. Marsden to Settlers, Bay of Islands438, 445
8 Nov.T. Kendall to Commissioner Bigge441
No dateMemo. among Bigge's papers448
28 Dec.S. Marsden to Commissioner Bigge448
No dateRules concerning missions455
No dateR. Williams on flax457
No dateR. Williams with Birnie466
No dateR. Williams to Birnie469page xii
12 Jan.S. Marsden to J. Butler475
14 Jan.S. Marsden to J. Pratt476
5 Feb.Government and General Order477
7 Feb.S. Marsden to J. Pratt477
7 Feb.S. Marsden to J. Pratt480
11 Feb.Captain Skinner to Commissioner Bigge511
12 Feb.S. Marsden to J. Pratt482
11 Mar.J. Nicholson to Commissioner Bigge483
20 Mar.W. Savage to Earl Bathurst483
11 AprilCaptain Skinner to Governor Macquarie484
11 AprilJohn Butler to Captain Skinner524
14 AprilDeposition of F. Ewer526
14 AprilDeposition of T. Lewe527
14 AprilDeposition of H. Gordon528
15 AprilS. Marsden to Governor Macquarie484
19 AprilCaptain Skinner to S. Marsden485
19 AprilCaptain Skinner to Admiralty521
19 AprilCaptain Skinner to Commissioners of Navy524
21 AprilCaptain Skinner to Governor Macquarie485
24 AprilS. Marsden to J. Pratt489
26 AprilCaptain Skinner to Governor Macquarie487
26 AprilS. Marsden to Commissioner Bigge493
12 Aug.James Downie (extract from letter)569
12 Aug.R. Elives to Commissioner Begge494
2 Sept.Invoice of oil517
2 Sept.Shares to “Active's” crew519
12 Sept.Captain Skinner to Commissioner Bigge495
10 Nov.Advances to “Active's” crew518
20 Nov.Under-Secretary Goulburn to J. Pratt498
No dateBigge's papers498
8 Dec.Joseph Thompson's evidence499
15 Dec.Captain Skinner to Governor Macquarie488
21 Dec.Captain Skinner to Governor Macquarie488
4 Jan.John Hunter's evidence503
13 Jan.Charles Hook's evidence506
18 Jan.R. Sugden to Earl Bathurst516
2 Feb.Edward Riley's evidence509
5 Feb.R. Campbell to Commissioner Bigge517
6 Feb.Petition to Earl Bathurst519
9 Feb.Captain Beveridge's evidence509
15 Feb.Navy Office to Admiralty521
21 Mar.S. Marsden to J. Pratt520
22 Mar.Admiralty to Colonial Office521
23 Mar.Mission Secretaries to Earl Bathurst531
3 AprilR. Brown to Henry Goulburn531
25 AprilHenry Goulburn to R. Sugden532
1 MayReport of Church Missionary Society532
1 MayMcCrae's evidence534
No dateDr. Fairfowl's evidence550
No dateMr. McDonald's evidence558
13 JulyUnder-Secretary Goulburn to S. R. Lushington563
21 JulyS. Marsden to J. Butterworth563page xiii
22 JulyS. Marsden to Major Goulburn562
24 JulyS. Marsden to J. Pratt565
11 Aug.S. Marsden to J. Pratt566
16 Aug.W. Fenwick to Charles Graham512
19 Sept.S. Marsden to J. Pratt567
20 Sept.Admiralty to the Colonial Office569
15 Oct.Report re Flax510
17 Nov.S. Marsden to J. Pratt571
20 Dec.James Downie to Earl Bathurst572
26 Dec.T. Kendall to Earl Bathurst573
No date“Evangelical Magazine”573
7 Jan.J. Butler to Governor Brisbane575
26 Jan.Reports on New Zealand flax607
14 Feb.T. Lack to Under-Secretary Wilmot577
21 Feb.R. Wilmot to T. Lack577
22 Feb.Navy Board to Under-Secretary Wilmot577
18 Mar.S. Marsden to Missionary Settlers578
21 Mar.James Downie to Earl Bathurst579
28 Mar.T. H. Armstrong to Commissioner Bigge514
1 AprilS. Marsden to J. Pratt579
27 AprilR. Wilmot to William Jackson581
30 AprilAnnual meeting Church Missionary Society581
22 JuneD. Erskine to Earl Bathurst581
9 JulyF. Hunt to Commissioner Bigge515
15 JulyB. Carvosso to Secretaries, Wesleyan Missionaries582
6 Aug.R. Wilmot to Navy Commissioners583
9 Oct.Taylor and Upton to Earl Bathurst583
22 Dec.*J. Thomson to Henry Duudas584
15 Jan.S. Marsden to J. Pratt585
15 Jan.S. Marsden to J. Pratt586
27 Feb.Commissioner Bigge to Earl Bathurst587
4 JuneJ. Pratt to Earl Bathurst596
28 JuneS. Marsden to Governor Brisbane597
1 JulyJames Busby to Earl Bathurst597
30 JulyJ. Peake to Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholls606
16 Sept.Enderby and others to Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholls608
20 Sept.S. Marsden to J. Pratt598
8 Nov.Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholls to Earl Bathurst598
10 Nov.S. Marsden to J. Pratt610
12 Nov.P. Young to Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholls609
14 Nov.C. Dempster to Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholls609
18 Nov.John Moore to Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholls611
Horton's notes re Lieutenant-Colonel Nicolls612
20 Nov.Lieutenant-Colonel Nicolls to Under-Secretary Horton611
2 Dec.Baron De Thierry to Earl Bathurst614
10 Dec.Under-Secretary Horton to Baron De Thierry615
13 Jan.S. Marsden to J. Pratt616
16 Jan.Baron De Thierry to Earl Bathurst617page xiv
29 Jan.S. Marsden to J. Butterworth618
31 Jan.N. Turner to Secretaries, Wesleyan Society619
13 Feb.G. Erskine to R. Watson622
21 Feb.S. Marsden to J. Pratt622
2 Mar.Baron De Thierry to Earl Bathurst623
9 Mar.Baron De Thierry to Earl Bathurst624
13 Mar.Baron De Thierry to Under-Secretary Horton624
2 AprilW. White and N. Turner to Secretaries, Wesleyan Society625
21 AprilBaron de Thierry to Earl Bathurst625
21 AprilW. M. Praed, lines on New Zealand626
4 JuneS. Marsden to J. Pratt627
5 JuneCaptain Coe to Governor Brisbane648
19 JuneJ. Busby to Governor Brisbane649
24 JulyUnder-Secretary Croker to Under-Secretary Horton629
30 Sept.N. Turner to J. Etchells629
4 Nov.S. Marsden to J. Pratt631
5 Nov.D. Tyerman to G. Erskine and S. Leigh1631
12 NovTyerman and Bennett's narrative640
29 Mar.Earl Bathurst to E. Littleton634
30 Mar.E. J. Littleton to Earl Bathurst634
5 AprilN. Turner to Secretary, Wesleyan Society634
18 AprilR. K. Reynolds to Earl Bathurst635
6 MayUnder-Secretary Horton to Secretary Harrison637
30 MayGeorge Harrison to R. W. Horton638
14 JuneNavy Commissioners to Under-Secretary Horton638
18 JuneR. W. Horton to R. K.* Reynolds638
21 JuneR. K. Reynolds to Under-Secretary Horton639
30 JuneJ. Gladstone to Under-Secretary Horton639
20 JulyJ. Busby to Governor Brisbane650
10 Oct.R. K. Reynolds to Under-Secretary Hay642
10 OctR. K. Reynolds to Earl Bathurst643
14 OctR. W. Hay to Secretary Harrison644
9 Jan.J. Busby to Colonel Dumaresq654
9 Jan.J. Busby to Governor Darling655
20 Jan.F. Goulburn to A. McLeay647
2 Feb.S. Marsden to E. Bickersteth644
8 Feb.R. Darling to A. McLeay657
13 Feb.Resolution of Board for General Purposes647, 657
4 Mar.Governor Darling to Earl Bathurst656
22 Mar.J. C. Littleton to R. Horton658
24 AprilEnderby and others to Earl Bathurst663
25 AprilS. Marsden to A. McLeay658
27 JuneR. Torrens to R. W. Horton662
4 JulyR. Torrens to R. W. Horton661
16 JulyColonel Bathurst to Governor Darling666
22 Oct.Lieutenant-Colonel Cruise to R. W. Hay667page xv
10 Feb.N. Turner to Secretaries, Wesleyan Society667
19 Feb.R. Duke to Lieutenant-Governor Darling672
24 Feb.H. J. Rous to Colonial Secretary673
24 Feb.S. Marsden to D. Coates668
13 Mar.Governor Darling to Earl Bathurst671
31 MayD. Coates to Viscount Goderich674
6 JuneThe Navy Commissioners to Secretary Hay674
14 JuneR. Torrens to Under-Secretary Horton676
19 JuneT. B. Martin to Under-Secretary Horton*678
12 Nov.S. Marsden to E. Bickersteth679
–AprilAnonymous letter681
2 Sept.J. Croker to Under-Secretary Twiss683
30 Aug.Navy Board to J. Croker683
26 Dec.Attorney and Solicitor-Generals to A. McLeay687
25 JulyS. Curtis to Lord High Admiral684
3 Jan.T. Raine to Sir G. Murray686
4 Jan.Governor Darling to Sir G. Murray685
2 Mar.Capture of the “Haweis”687
14 Oct.S. Marsden to D. Coates698
8 Feb.S. Marsden to D. Coates700
13 Mar.S. Marsden to E. Bickersteth702
28 AprilS. Marsden to ——703
2 Aug.S. Marsden to Governor Darling705
4 Aug.Statement of S. Leigh708
4 Aug.S. Marsden to D. Coates710
7 Aug.S. Marsden to E. Bickersteth710
14 Aug.New Zealand trade713
22 Sept.Governor Darling to Sir G. Murray712
7 Oct.S. Marsden to E. Bickersteth715
18 AprilS. Marsden to D. Coates715
25 AprilS. Marsden to E. Bickersteth717
18 Sept.S. Marsden to D. Coates718
13 MayS. Marsden to D. Coates718
25 Sept.S. Marsden to —–719
27 Mar.S. Marsden to D. Coates720
25 MayS. Marsden to D. Coates722
11 Aug.S. Marsden to Mr. Jowett723
18 Aug.S. Marsden to Mr. Jowett724
17 Dec.Baron de Thierry to Sydney Gazette724
18 Feb.S. Marsden to D. Coates728
26 AprilS. Marsden to Church Missionary Society728
12 Dec.J. Stephen to J. Backhouse742
31 Dec.J. Backhouse to J. Stephen744page xvi
30 MayNormanby to Attorney-General739
4 JuneCampbell and Rolfe to Normanby749
13 JuneJ. Stephen to A. Y. Spearman740
22 JuneG. J. Pennington to J. Stephen745
24 JuneW. Hobson to Under-Secretary of State744
4 JulyJ. Stephen to A. Y. Spearman744
24 JulyG. J. Pennington to J. Stephen747
11 Aug.W. Fox Strangways to H. Labouchere747
13 Aug.Lord Palmerston to W. Hobson748
13 Aug.Lord Palmerston to W. Hobson749
14 Aug.Normanby to W. Hobson729
15 Aug.Normanby to Governor Gipps729
15 Aug.Normanby to W. Hobson753
–Aug.W. Hobson to Under-Secretary of State750