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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens.

Resolution, Plymouth Sound, 3 July, 1772.


Please to acquaint my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty with the arrival of his Majesty's sloop Resolution, under my command, at this place, and that the fault she formerly had in being crank is now intirely removed. A doubt of a contrary nature does not, I am persuaded, remain in the breast of any one person on board. In turning into the Downs with a fresh of wind at S.W., in company with several vessels, not one of which but what was obliged to take in their topgallant sails, and one ship reef'd her foretopsail, yet at this time we carried topgallant-sails with ease. In coming down channell we had an opportunity to find that she will hold her side up to as much sail as can be set without endangering the masts. With respect to her other qualities, we have not had sufficient tryal to report with certainty; but upon the whole I believe she will be found page 101 to steer and work well, and to sail as fast as most deep-laden ships of her construction.*

I am, &c.,

Jam's Cook.

* On arrival at Madeira, Cook reported the Resolution to “have as many good qualities as can be found in one ship.” Post, p. 106.