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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Lieutenant Clerke to Mr. Banks (Banks Papers)

Lieutenant Clerke to Mr. Banks (Banks Papers).

Resolution, at Sheerness,
June ye 7th, 1772.


I received yours by your servant, and am very much obliged for the cagg of nails. Think I am now set out completely freighted for the South Sea marts; hope to make a good trading voyage of it, go matters how they will, and show away in a curious cabinet of miti [sic] curiosities at my return. Flatter myself with the hopes of making an addition to the Burlington-street collection; will certainly make some increase, and, I hope, a good one, for shall be happy my actions shall bespeak my sense of your civilities and friendship. Must again express my unhappiness that I cannot have the pleasure of attending you, but can't help it; two or three years will blow all over, and replace me again in old London and its purlieus, captain of at least my own carcass, to dispose of it as I please, page 99 when, I assure you, you shall never want a sailor's attendance to run anywhere on this side of h—, so long as remains above water.

Yours, &c.,

Chas. Clerke.

Believe our stay here will be 12 or 14 days longer. The gentlemen of the gun-room entreat your acceptance of their respects and compliments.