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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

[Enclosure.] — John Dodsworth to Captain Cook

John Dodsworth to Captain Cook.

His Majestie's ship Barfleur, Spithead,
30 May, 1772.

Honoured S'r,—

I have made bold to trouble your honour once more, hoping your honour will be so good as to make interest for to get me along with I wrote to Edward Turrell [Terrel] before, but not having an answer, I had given all expectation over till hearing from him this preasent instant, and he desires me to apply to your honour again, which news gives me a great satisfaction, and hopes to gain my point, so far as to have the pleasure to sail with your honnour; but not hearing for so long time had given all hopes over, and I endeavour'd very hard page 98 to gett out in the Prudent to the East Indies, but could not have that liberty, and had been since made a quartermaster; but if they was to make me ten times better it would not be so agreeable to me as to proceed with your honnour, which if your honnour will be so good as for to gett that grant from the Board, for without that I am very certain that I shall not have the liberty to leave this ship on any consideration. So, s'r, your honnour's complience in this will always oblidge me to think myself in duty bound to pray for your honnour's health and wellfair, and all belonging theirto. But pray, s'r, if this is not granted, be so good as not mention it farther, or other ways possible I may gain displeasure.

So, s'r, subscribe myself, s'r, your most humble servant to command.

John Dodsworth