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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Lieutenant Cook to Mr. Alcock.‡

Lieutenant Cook to Mr. Alcock.

Friday, 3 June, 1768.

Mr. Cook presents his compliments to Mr. Alcock; hath no objections to the bearer, Mr. Jno. Gathiry§ [Guthrey], being appointed boatswain of the Endeavour, bark; believes him to be a man well quallified for that station.

Mr. Alcock was apparently one of the officials in the Admiralty Office.

§ Guthrey was duly appointed boatswain, but did not live to return. He died at sea on 4th February, 1771. He was one of the twenty-three unfortunates who succumbed to dysentery and fever during the terrible six weeks immediately following the departure from Batavia.