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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens.

19 May, 1772.


In consequence of Lieut. Cooper* representing to me that the Resolution, sloop, under my command, was found upon tryal to be so crank that she would not bear proper sail to be set upon her, I gave it as my opinion that it was owing to the additional works that have been built upon her in order to make large accommodation for the several gentlemen passengers intended to embark in her, and proposed that she might be cut down to her original state, which proposal I laid before you in my letter of the 14th inst., and likewise attended the Navy Board, who were pleased to inform me of the alteration which they proposed to make, which alteration, I am of opinion, will render her as fit to perform the voyage as any ship whatever. I understand that it has been suggested that I never thought her or these kind of vessels proper for the service she is going upon. I beg you will acquaint their Lordships that I do now and ever did think her the most proper ship for this service I ever saw, and that from the knowledge and experience I have had of these sort of vessels I shall always be of opinion that only such are proper to be sent on discoveries to very distant parts.

I am, &c.,

Jam's Cook.

* Lieutenant Robert Palliser Cooper was the first lieutenant of the Resolution.

This very important letter is, unfortunately, missing.