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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Furneaux to Secretary Stephens

Captain Furneaux to Secretary Stephens.

Adventure, Longreach, 1 May, 1772.


I have received your letter of the 24th ult'o, with their Lordships' order of the 23′d, concerning the distillation of seawater, with a copy of Doctor Priestly's* proposals for the improvement of the same; a copy of a letter from the College of Physicians; and an order directing me to cause the master and lieutenants of his Majesty's sloop under my command to provide themselves with the Nautical Almanac, which orders and directions I shall punctually comply with.

I am, &c.,

Tob's Furneaux.

page 91

* Dr. Joseph Priestly, the celebrated physicist, a most voluminous writer. See his Memoirs by his son, Lond., 1806; and Gentleman's Magazine, lxxiv.