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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens.

20 September, 1771.


When I was at Rio de Janeiro, in November, 1768, I was under a necessity of employing a person there to purchase the necessary provisions and refreshments we were in want of, as I was not permitted to do it myself, or any other person in the ship for me. (The person I employed charged for his trouble 5 p. cent. comm'ns, and likewise 5 p. cent. discount on bills of exchange for money taken up to pay for said provisions, &c.) As the former cannot be allowed without an Admiralty order, and the latter not being properly ascertained in the vouchers, please to move my Lords Commiss'rs of the Admiralty to order the same to be allowed me on passing my accounts.

Also at Madeira I purchased a quantity of oinions, which was distributed to the ship's company, and which I understood had page 82 been practised by ships on the like voyages; and likewise at Batavia, the sickly state of the ship's company made it necessary to have an extraordinary quantity of vegetables every day, which articles I have charged in my accounts, and pray their Lordships' order that it may be allowed me.

I am, &c.,

Jam's Cook.