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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.


Whereas we have appointed you First Lieutenant of his Majesty's bark the Endeavour, now at Deptford, and intend that you shall command her during her present intended voyage; and whereas we have ordered the said bark to be fitted out and stored at that place for foreign service manned with seventy men (agreeable to the scheme on the back hereof), and victualled to twelve months of all species of provisions (for the said number of men at whole allowance), except beer, of which she is to have only a proportion for one month, and to be supplied with brandy in lieu of the remainder. You are hereby required and directed to use the utmost dispatch in getting her ready for the sea accordingly, and then falling down to Galleons Reach to take in her guns and gunners' stores at that place, and proceed to the Nore for farther order.

Given, &c.,c., 25 May, 1768.

Ed. Hawke.

C. Townshend.

Py. Brett.