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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Endeavour, bark, Downs, 12 July, 1771. — Sir,—

Endeavour, bark, Downs, 12 July, 1771.


It is with pleasure I have to request that you will be pleased to acquaint my Lords Commiss'rs of the Admiralty with the arrival of his Majesty's bark under my command at this place, where I shall leave her to wait until further orders; and in obedience to their Lordships' orders immediately, and with this letter, repair to their office, in order to lay before them a full acco't of the proceedings of the whole voyage.

I make no doubt but what you have received my letters and journals forwarded from Batavia in Dutch ships in October last, and likewise my letter of the 10th of May, together with some of the officers' journ'ls which I put on board his Majesty's ship Portland, since which time nothing material hath hap'ned excepting the death of Lieutenant Hicks. The vacancy made on this occasion I filled up by appointing Mr. Charles Clerke, a young man well worthy of it, and as such must beg leave to recommend him to their Lordships. This, as well as all other appointments made in the bark vacant by the death of former officers agreeable to the enclosed list, will, I hope, meet their approbation.

You will herewith receive my journals containing an account of the proceedings of the whole voyage, together with all the charts, plans, and drawings I have made of the respective places we have touched at, which you will be pleased to lay before their Lordships. I flatter myself that the latter will be found sufficient to convey a tolerable knowledge of the places they are page 75 intended to illustrate, and that the discoveries we have made, tho' not great, will apologize for the length of the voyage.

I have, &c.,

Jam's Cook.