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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

[Enclosure.] — The Viceroy to Lieutenant Cook

The Viceroy to Lieutenant Cook.

The Memorial of the Count Viceroy of the Estates of Brazil, in in answer to that of Lieutenant James Cook, commander of his Britannick Majesty's ship the Endeavour.

His Britannick Majesty's ships-of-war have come to this port of themselves manifested what they were. Yours of its self alone does not discover that she is his Britannick Majesty's, so that this truth merely depends on your assertion and on your commission. I believe you are a gentleman of honour, and incapable of deceiving me, but as this is the first time I have the fortune of seeing you, and though the documents be ever so sacred, as this is, they are not exempt from contradiction— this consideration is enough for my doubt, and by consequence for my cautions, which experience in part shews me they are not without reason, because, notwithstanding all care, I am page 71 informed that always [already] your people have smugled some goods.

Rio, 22 of November, 1768.

Conde de Azambuja.

Attested copy. (Signed)

James Cook.