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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

[Enclosure.] — Lieutenant Cook to The Viceroy

Lieutenant Cook to The Viceroy.

The Memorial of Lieutenant James Cook, commander of his Britannick Majesty's ship the Endeavour, in answer to one from his Excellency Count Rolim, Viceroy and CaptainGeneral of the States of Brazil.

Your Excellency doubting whether or not my ship realy belongs to his Britannick Majesty, is easily answer'd by my commission which has been shew'd to the officer who brought your Excellency's memorial, and is ready to be produced to your Excellence whenever you will let me bring it ashore in a proper manner.


James Cook.

Dated on board his Britannick Majesty's ship the Endeavour, in the harbour of Rio de Janeiro, this 21st of November, 1768.

A true copy. (Signed) J.C.