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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

[Enclosure.] — The Viceroy to Lieutenant Cook

page 68

The Viceroy to Lieutenant Cook.

Rio de Janeiro, 20 Nov., 1768.

Your second lieutenant* came here yesterday after dinner with your letter, and as at the same time came to me a report that he would not admit a centinel in your boat, requiring several times the officer of the round, I sent him word to return to his ship, because upon that violence I could not admit the letter he brought me, nor give him audience. He answer'd, pertinaciously, that if he went he would return in the same manner without a centinel, and that if here one was put in he would throw him overboard, which obliged me to let remain your boat, her people in security, and remit the said officer to your ship in the same boat that went to relieve the round that was there; and if in this diligencia [sic] there was some small indecency, the said officer of yours gave cause for it with his petulancy and imprudence; and that greater disturbances may not happen, I hope you will not send him ashore.

Your, &c.,


Conde de Azambuja.

Attested copy. (Signed)


* Lieutenant Hicks.