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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

[Enclosure.] — Lieutenant Cook to The Viceroy

Lieutenant Cook to The Viceroy.

Most Excellent Sir,—

Inclosed I send the memorial that my first lieut't this forenoon was order'd to present to your Excellency; the refusal of his delivering it, as not attended by a guard, which he, according to my determin'd resolution and the antient custom of this race, could not suffer, makes it necessary now to forward it by one of my midshipmen, by whom I, likewise in form, demand my boat, with its crew, which, I am informed, your Excellency has thought proper to detain, as well as your Excellency's reasons for so doing.

I am, &c.,


Jam's Cook.

Dated on board his Britannick Majesty's ship Endeavour, in the harbour of Rio de Janeiro, the 19th of November, 1768.

A true copy. (Signed) J.C.