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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Lieutenant Pickersgill's Log. — A Logg of the Proceedings of His Maj'sty's Sloop Resolution on Discoveries in 1772, 1773, and 1774. By — Lieut. Richd. Pickersgill. — [Copied from the original, Admiralty Captains' Log No. 4553, in the Record Office, London.]

page 183

Lieutenant Pickersgill's Log.
A Logg of the Proceedings of His Maj'sty's Sloop Resolution on Discoveries in 1772, 1773, and 1774. By
. Richd. Pickersgill.
[Copied from the original, Admiralty Captains' Log No. 4553, in the Record Office, London.]

At noon running among Islands at the Head of Dusky Bay looking for an Anchoring Place.

Remarks, &c., in Dusky Bay.

Moderate Breezes and fine Wr. running up Dusky Bay in search of a Harbour. PM at 1 saw several appearances of good Bays but could get no soundings off them. At 2 Hove to. Hoisted out the Boats and sent away an officer in the Pinnace to look for an Harbour. At ½ past 2 the signal was made from the Pinnace of having found soundings and bore up and anchor'd under an Island in 50 fms water and moor'd with a Hawser to the Shore. At 4 an Officer went away in the Pinnace to look for a more convenient Harbour for the Ship. At 7 return'd having found a very good one. Sent away a Boat fishing with Hooks and Lines, she soon return'd with great plenty of Fish which we issued out to the Ships Company. In the night hard rain. AM sent away the fishing Boat again. At 9 weigh'd and made sail for the other Harbour. At 10 work'd betwixt 2 Islands. At 11 run thro' a narrow passage between an Island and the So Shore and at Noon Anchor'd in Pickersgill Harbour in 17 fathom water. Hazey wear with small rain, the fishing Boat return'd with plenty of Fish for all Hands. Therr 55.

Hard rain. PM at 1 weigh'd the Anchor and warp'd opposite a small Cove, there let go the anchor oar'd away Cable and warp'd Her into the Cove and secured her with Hawsers to the Shore. At day light a Boat went away fishing, and another with some of the officers upon a shooting party. At 10 the officers return'd having met with some of the Natives in a fine Bay a mile and a half or 2 miles to the No ward of the Ship. There were 2 of the Native Canoes follow'd them but they return'd after taking a short view at the Ship. The fishing Boat brought on board plenty of Fish. Served ½ allowance of Beef & Pork.

Moderate Breezes with rain. PM at 1 the Indian Canoe came and took a much nearer reconnoitre than before but page 184 wou'd not come on board for all the friendly signals we cou'd make to them. At 4 the Capt and some of the officers went to the Bay where they had been in the morning but they could not get a sight of the Indians who they supposed had fled to the woods. AM. Hoisted out the Launch. Carpenters employed clearing away the woods to fix a Brow from the Ship to the Shore. Therr 60°.

Remarks, &c., in Pickersgill Harbour, Dusky Bay.

Fine Wear PM dry'd sails. Employ'd fixing Tents and getting the Astronomers Instruments to hand. Sent ashore some Empty Casks and fix'd a Tent for the Cooper. We abound in excellent Fish procur'd with one Boat in 2 or 3 hours of a morning. Therr 56.

The first part fair Wr, the middle and latter strong Gales with rain. Got down Top Gallt Yards. Carpenters cutting wood. Got the Forge on shore and set it up. Ther 59.

The first part calm, the middle and latter little winds. Got the cables from the Starboard side of the Hold upon the Fore Castle to come at some Provision which was under them. Carpenters, Armourers Sailmakers &c. &c. at their different employments. Therr 61.

Fine wear. Brew'd Beer for the Ships Company of a Tree we find here a good deal resembling the American Spruce Tree. Dry'd sails. Unbent those that wanted repairing and sent them to the sailmakers Tent on shore. The various parties as yesterday. Therr 55.

Fresh Gales and Hazey. The people in every respect as yesterday. Therr 57.

Fresh Gales and Hazey with rain. Clean'd Ship Fore & Aft. The People at their own disposal being Sunday. Therr 58.

Hard rain and Hail all this day. Got Beer on board for the People and stop'd their Spirits. This Beer I think a pleasant drink. The People seem fond of it. AM at Work on board getting provisions to hand in the Hold. The different Parties at their different occupations. Therr 54.

Winds and weather very variable with frequent hard showers of rain. The people all employ'd at their different callings. The Captain went away in the Pinnace surveying the Sound. Therr 60 ½.

Weather much the same as yesterday. PM the Captain return'd and acquainted us with his having met with 3 of the Natives—a man and 2 women on an Island a mile and ½ distant from the Ship with whom he had had some converse. People all at their various employments.

Continual Wet Nasty Wear. All Hands at their respective Businesses. Therr 52.

page 185

Cloudy with frequent hard showers of rain. The Captain away surveying the Bay. People at their various Employments. We abound every day in as good Fish as can be eat. Therr 50 ½.

Cloudy with frequent showers of rain. The Carpenters cutting wood. Armourers at work at the Forge. Sailmakers repairing sails and the People on board employ'd in Hold. Watering and stowing the necessary provision to hand. Ther 51 ½.

The first part cloudy with showers the latter fair wear. Dry'd sails. The Indian with his family came into the Cove with their Carroe and landed a few yards from the Ship. Ther 54.

PM Fair Wear. The People at their own disposal being Sunday. The Indian and His Family continued by the Shore side till the Evening then retir'd a few yards into the Wood, made a fire, dress'd their supper which consisted of very good fish, then lay'd themselves down by the Fireside for the Night. In the morning they came again to the shore but we cou'd not prevail on them to come on board. AM the Parties at their work as above mentioned. Ther 50°.

Little winds with frequent showers of rain. PM. The Indians left our Neighbourhood. All hands at their various vocations. Therr 58.

Cloudy with frequent showers these 24 hours. The People at their different Employments, the Captain surveying the Bay. Ther 53.

PM. Cloudy with frequent showers of rain. A.M. Fair wear. Dry'd sails. The Captain and 3rd Lieut. went away with the Pinnace and small cutter. People at their work. Ther 53.

PM. Fair Wear A.M. Cloudy with rain. All hands at their respective Businesses. Ther 58.

For the most part wet nasty wear. with some short intervals of fair wear. All the Parties at their work. The Carpenter and 3rd Lieut return'd with the Pinnace and Cutter. Ther 56.

Light airs and fair weather throughout these 24 hours. PM. The Parties are at their work. AM. All hands at their own Leisure it being Sunday. Our old friend the Indian came with his Family and landed as before a little distance from the Ship. We have daily as much very excellent Fish as we can demolish.

Little winds and fair wear. AM the Carpenter cutting wood, Sailmakers repairing sails, Armourers at the Forge. Employ'd on board about the Rigging and in the Hold. The Captain and some of the Officers went away up the Bay in the Pinnace and small cutter. The Indians came on board this morning and view'd the Vessel with which they seem'd ex- page 186 ceedingly well pleas'd. They seem'd very desirous of Hatchets, Nails, Fish Hooks &c. &c. with which I believe they got themselves very well paid for the honour they did us in trusting themselves aboard. Ther 57 ½.

Little winds and fair wear. The Parties all disposed of as yesterday. Ther 58.

Do. Wr. All Hands at their various occupations. The Captain and Officers return'd having been upwards of 7 Leagues up the Sound where they found it to end in a sandy Beach, here they saw 4 or 5 more of the Natives—Men and Women. Ther 55.

Very fair pleasant wear. All Hands at their work. Bent the Main and Fore Topsails. Ther 53.

Fair Pleasant Wear. The Parties at their different Business. Tr 52.

Fair Wear. The Artificers & People Employ'd as above-mentioned. Therr 53 ½.

Variable Showery Wear. PM People at their work. AM at their own disposal being Sunday. Therr 54.

Cloudy wet Weather. Hove the Ship out of the Cove to her Anchor and Moor'd with a Hawser to the Shore. Tr 52.

For the most part cloudy wet weather with some short intervals of fair weather. Scrap'd the Masts and pay'd them with Varnish of Pine. The Artificers at their Various Employments. Tr 50.

Cloudy weather with frequent showers of rain. Compleated the ship with wood and water. Her draught of water forward 15 f 11. Aft 15 f 10. Ther 50.

Calm and hazey weather. Got off the Tents and everything from the Shore. Therr 47.

Variable Hazey Wear with frequent rain. PM at 2 weigh'd with a light Breeze from the westward. At 2 past 5 it falling calm, anchor'd again in 50 fathoms water. AM at 10 weigh'd again with a light breeze westerly, which soon shifted to No and Et. At Noon working to windward, Boats towing ahead. We have still great plenty of excellent fish.

Light airs and calms with small rain. PM at 6 anchor'd within a cables length of the shore and steady'd Her with a Hawser to the Shore. AM weigh'd at 6 and work'd to wind-ward with a light breeze from the NE. Ther 49.

Light variable Winds & calm with small rain. PM at 2 finding we could not make head against the Tide, bore away to a small cove upon the Eastern Shore and anchor'd in 30 fm water and steady'd with a Hawser to the Shore. Therr 50 ½.

Calm & cloudy wear, these 24 hours waiting a Breeze to carry us to sea. Ther 51.

page 187

Light air and calms with cloudy wear. and frequent hard showers of rain. PM. At 1 got under way but it soon after falling calm we got to our old anchoring Cove again and secured as before. Ther 48.

Variable winds and weather with showers of rain. PM. At 1 got under way with a light Breeze from the S.W., which run us to the mouth of the Northern Passage leading from this Bay to sea. At 4 it falling calm we Anchor'd in a Cove just at the Entrance of the Northern Passage in 30 fm. water and steady'd with a Hawser to the Shore. The latter part of these 24 hours squally Wear. with Hail, Rain, Snow, Thunder and Lightning. Ther 51 ½.

Cloudy with frequent showers of rain. PM. At 2 weigh'd with a fine Breeze from the S.W. At 8 anchor'd under a Point about mile from the Sea at the Outermost End of this Northern Passage, steadyed with a Hawser to the Shore. AM. Got all the cables from betwixt Decks, Clean'd Ship Fore and Aft, and made fires in many parts of Her. The 3rd Lieut. went Away in the Pinnace to survey the remaining part of the Bay. Ther 46.

PM. Hazey with showers of rain. AM. Strong Gales & squally with hard rain, got down the Fore Gallant Yards. Ther 51.

PM. Strong Gales with hard squalls and rain, lowered down the Lower Yards. AM. the weather more modte the 3rd Lieut. returned with the Pinnace, sway'd the Lower Yards up, the Captain away in the Pinnace surveying. Ther 50.

Mod & Cloudy with frequent hard showers of rain, the Master away in the Cutter sounding the passage to Sea. Tr 49.

The first part fair wear. Hoisted in the Launch, the Middle and Latter strong Gales with rain. Tr 49.

PM mod with showers of Hail, the Pinnace and Cutter out Hunting of seals, the small rocky Islands just at the mouth of this passage abounds with them. AM. Fine wear. with Little Winds from the SE, at 9 got under way and up Top Gallt Yards, at 11 hoisted in the Boats, at Noon Mod: Breezes and fair wear with a heavy swell from the N.W. Obsd Latde 45° 35′ S. An Island a little without the mouth of the Passage E.S.E. distant 1 & ½ miles. We were 2 or 3 miles without the passage, the No'thern Extreme of the Land N 12 E, 4 or 5 Leagues. Tr. 53.

Latitude of Pickersgill's Harbour where we refitted 45° 47′ 50″ S. Longitude well settled by Lunar Observation 166. 18 Et. Variation of the Compass there 13.20 E'erly.

page 188

1. Mod. & fair wear. 5. The Entrance of Doubtfull Harbour E B S 3 or 4 Leagues; the No Entrance of Dusky Bay S S E ½ E 5 Leagues and the No'ermost Land in sight N E b N. 2. Variable Little Winds with frequent showers of rain. 7. Do wds. 9. This Fore Noon we've pass'd many openings which have the appearance of Harbours. The No'ermost Land in sight N E b E. Therr 44 ½.

  • No Entrance of Dusky Bay,

  • S 19° W. 21 Lgs.

1. Mod Breezes with cloudy, squally wr and showers of rain. 4. Lost a Logg and 3 lines. 6. The No'ermost Land in sight E N E. 8. Do wr. 12. Hard rain. 4. Fresh Breezes and fair wr. Set the Fore Topmast Steering sail. 8. Cloudy Wear. 11. Fresh breezes & Cloudy. 12. No land in sight. Therr 49.

  • No Entrance of Duskey Bay.

  • S 30° W. 62 Leagues.

1. Fresh Breezes & Cloudy Wear. 6. Do wr. 12. Mod with Showers of rain. 7. Saw the land. 8. Mod and Cloudy. The No'ermost Land in sight N E b E. 12. Light airs with flying Clouds. Therr 55.

  • No Entrance of Duskey Bay.

  • S 39° W. 93 Leagues.

1. Little Winds & fair wear. 6. Do wr. 12. Do wr. 4. Vare by Azth. 15° 26 Eterley. 6. Calm and Clear Wear. 7. Light airs. The So'ermost Land in sight S b E. 11, 12. At Noon Little Winds and fine Clear wr. The No'ermost Land in sight N E ½ E. Therr 58.

  • No Entrance of Dusky Bay.

  • S 39° W. 107 Lgs.

2. Little Winds and Cloudy Wear. At ½ past 1 tack'd ship. 5. Rocky Point N N E ½ E. 6. At 6 tack'd ship. 8. Mod. Gales & Cloudy with passing squalls. 12. Do wr. Tack'd ship. 4. Do wr. Tack'd ship. 8. Rainy squally Wear. Tack'd ship. 11. At Noon fresh Gales & squally with rain. 12. Sounded 25 fm. Distant from the Shore a League. Rocky Point N B E. Tack'd Ship. Therr 56.

  • No Entrance of Dusky Bay.

  • S 20° W. 112 Lgs.

1. Fresh Gales with passing squalls of wind and rain. 5. Tack'd ship. 9. Fresh Gales and squally with rain. 11. Haul'd up the Foresail and landed the Mizen Topsail. 1. At 12 brought too. Main Topsail to the Mast. 4. AM at 4 bore away and made all sail. 8. Fresh Gales and fair wear. Cape Farewell W S W ½ W 6 Leagues. 11. Mod Breezes and fair Wear. Running along-shore. Point Stephens E ½ S 4 or 5 Leagues. Therr 59.

page 189

1. Mod Gales and fair wear. From 4 to 5 Ships Head and Wind all round the Compass. Several water spouts forming around us, one of which came so near as to give us very disagreeable apprehensions for the Wind wou'd not enable us to make any way from it, not staying ½ a minute in either quarter of the Compass. So made the best preparations we cou'd for its reception by laying Tarpaulins over the Hatchways. Shortening all sail &c. &c. The whole Atmossphere seem'd in the strangest purterbation and the Water in the most violent agitation that can be conceiv'd. However the Spout very fortunately alter'd its direction just as it came upon our Quarter. Run alongside and clear ahead of us. At 6 PM Stephens's Island E ½ S 5 miles. 48 fm wr at 5 AM Mod Gales and fair Wear. Made all sail. At 7 abreast of Cape Jackson. Between 7 and 8 fir'd some Guns as Sigls to the Advre whom we hope to find here—which Guns to our very great satisfaction we saw answer'd from a little Island we call Hepper Island. Obsd Lt 41° 0 ½ So. 9. Working into Charlottes Sound.

Remarks &c. &c. in Charlotte's Sound.

Little Winds inclinable to calms with fine Clear weather. PM at 2 the Adventures Boat with an Officer came on board us. At ½ past 6 anchor'd in 15 fathom water. Captain Furneaux came on board. AM shifted our birth nearer in shore and anchor'd in 11 fathom. Steadyed with a Hawser to the Shore. The Adventure saluted us with 11 Guns. We return'd the same Number. Therr 49.

Little Winds and fair Wear. 2 Boats sent away fishing and a party of People to haul the Sean. People put to half allowance of Beef Pork and Flower. Boil'd this morning for the Peoples Breakfasts and shall continue it during our stay here a quantity of Portable Soup, with Wheat and some Greens with which these shores abound. The fishing parties return'd without meeting with any success. Brew'd Beer on board. Therr 55.

Little Winds and fair Wear. Sent the Empty Casks on shore and a Party to cut wood. The Boats away again fishing but return'd with very little success. The People put to ⅔ allowance of all species of Provision. Punish'd Patk Wheland Qr Master with 6 lashes for insolence to the Boatswain. Therr 54.

Mod Breezes and fair Wr. Employ'd watering and cutting wood. Therr 57.

Mod; & Cloudy Wear. Employ'd as yesterday. Some of the Natives came on board in their Canoes. Tr 57.

Little Winds and fine Weather. The Master in the Large Cutter sounding. The 3rd Lieut up the Sound in ye Launch. page 190 A party in the small Boat cutting Greens for ye People. Therr 56.

Fresh Gales with rain. Employ'd Wooding and Watering. Many of the Natives on board. Tr 53.

The 1st part fresh Gales with rain. The middle and latter strong Gales with hard squalls and rain. AM at 2 the strain we rid by the Hawser tore the Tree up 'twas made fast to on shore which swung the ship off to Her Bower. Got down Top Gallt Yards. Therr 56.

Mod. Winds with unsettled Wear. The 3rd Lieut returned with the Launch—having been detain'd up the Sound these 2 days by the Weather. AM dry'd sails. A Boat fishing. People Wooding and Watering. We get very few fish here. Therr 57 ½.

Little Winds with flying showers of rain. Sent the Launch to assist the Adventure in compleating her Wood and Water. Sailmakers repairing Sails which we find much damag'd by the Rats. Therr 58.

Little winds and fair Wear. A party on shore cutting Wood. Many of the Natives on board today. Sailmakers about the Sails. Tr 58.

Little winds with some flying showers. Empd in every respect as yesterday. Tr 57.

Little winds with passing showers. Employ'd getting on board Wood and Water. Sailmakers repairing sails. Ther 58.

Mod. Breezes and fine Clear Wear. Got on board some Wood and Water. Read the Articles of War and Abstract to the Ships Company. Many of the Natives on board today. Tr. 51.

Fine Pleasant Wear. The Launch sent up the Sound for Scurvy Grass, Greens &c. &c. Our Wood and Water compleat. Tr 50.

Little winds and fair weather. Clearing & Cleaning the Decks and making all ready for Sea. Therr 49.

Fine Pleasant Wear. AM Hoisted in the Launch. 2 large Canoes with many of the Natives from the No-ward came on board us. At Noon fir'd 21 Guns, this being the Birth Day of our Royal Master. Tr 51 ½.

Fresh Gales & Cloudy. Making all ready for Sea—and waiting a Gale to carry us there. Tr 49.

Strong Gales with rain. Waiting an Auspicious Gale for the Seaward. Ther 49 ½.

The 1st Part Strong Gales. The latter fresh Gales and fair Wear. AM at 4 Unmoor'd. At 7 weigh'd and stood out of the Bay. At 11 tack'd in shore to take the Advantage of ye Tide. At Noon the 2 Brothers W B N 1 mile and in a Line with Cape Koamaroo. Obsd Latde: 41° 07′ So. Ships draught of Water forward 15 F 10 E; aft 15 F 11 E. Adventure in Company. Therr 51 ½.

page 191

Remarks &c. &c. from New Zealand to George's Island.
Remarks &c. &c. at Otahite or George's Island.
Remarks &c. &c. at Huaheinie.
Remarks &c. &c. at Uliateah.
Remarks &c. &c. from Uliateah to Amsterdam.
Remarks &c. &c. at Amsterdam.
Remarks &c. &c. from Amsterdam to New Zealand.

1. A brisk Gale and fair Wear. 3. PM at 3 handed the Mizen T Sail. 4. AM at 4 made all convenient sail. 5. At 5 saw the Land—extending from N W to W S W. 6. Mod. & Cloudy Wr. 12. Do Wr. Adventure in Company. Ther 60 ½.

1. A brisk Gale and fair Weather. 4. P M at 4 the Shambles S b W ½ W. 5. At 5 shorten'd sail for the Adventure. 7. At 7 Portland N N E—2 Leagues in 1st reefs Topsails. 12. Mod & Cloudy Wear. 4. AM at 4 made all sail. 10. Do Wr with rain. At ½ past 10 brought too and 3 Canoes of the Natives came on board us—to whom the Capt gave 3 Sows—1 Boar and ½ a dozen Cocks and Hens—with various Seeds adapted to this climate. 11. At 11 made sail again. Mod. and fair Wr. Adventure in Company. Therr 62.

1. Fresh Gales and squally Wear. 4. At 4 carried away the Fore Top Gallt mast. 6. At 6 Cape Turnagain N W B W 4 or 5 Leagues. 7. Do Wr and ½ past 7 lost sight of the Adventure astern. Tack'd Ship split the Mizen Topsail. Bent another. At 10 Tack'd. At 12 Tack'd. AM at ½ past 2 Tack'd and split the Main Top Mast Staysail. Strong Gales and squally Wr. At ½ past 5 Wore. Close reeft and hand'd the Topsails. Down Top Gallt Yards. 7. At 7 Cape Turn-again N W B W ½ W 3 or 4 Leagues. 10. At 10 set the Main and Fore Topsails. At Noon Cape Turnagain W ¾ S 6 or 7 miles. Therr 59 ½.

Remarks &c. &c. upon the Coast of New Zealand.

1. Light Breezes and fair Wear. 3. PM Got another Fore Top Gallt Mast up. Out reefs and set the Fore Gallt sails. Fresh Gales and Cloudy squally Wr. 5. At 5 in 1st reefs. Punished Willm Monk and Phillip Brotherson with 6 lashes each for neglect of duty. 7. At 7 Close reeft the Topsails. Handed the mizen Topsl—and down Top Gallt yards. AM Mod. & Cloudy Wear. 5. At 5 up Top Gallt Yards and made all sail. Fresh Gales. At 9 Close reeft the T Sls. At page 192 noon join'd Company with the Adventure. Cape Pallisser W S W ½ W 8 or 9 Lgs. Therr 54.

1. Fresh Gales and Cloudy squally Wr. 5. P M at 5 Cape Pallisser N W B W 3 Leagues. 7. Mod Gales and Cloudy. 1. Light airs. AM at 1 up Top Gallt yards and Out 3rd and 2nd reefs Topsls. 4. Calm and fair Wear. 5. At 5 Little Winds. Made all sail. 7. At 7 Fresh Gales and squally. Double reef'd the Topsails. 8. At 8 handed ye Topsails—and down Top Gallt Yards. 10. At 10 Very Hard Squalls of wind. Handed the Courses and laid her too under the bare Poles. Adventure in Company. Therr 60. Cape Pallisser at Noon N 9° W; 17 Lgs.

1. Strong Gales and squally Wear. 7. PM at 7 bore down to look for the Adventure but cou'd not see Her. 10. Do wr. 3. AM at 3 set the Mizen Staysail. 4. At 4 set the Courses. 5. At 5 Mod Gales. Set the Topsails. 6. Saw the Adventure —brought too for her to come up. 8. At 8 Out reefs and made all sail. Up Top Gallt Yards. 11. A fresh Gale with Open Cloudy Wr. Adventure in Company. Cape Pallisser at Noon N 10° W; 19 Lgs. Therr 60.

1. A fresh Gale with open Cloudy Wr. 4. P M at 4 saw the Land—N W B W. 6. At 6 Little Winds. Extremes of the Land from N ½ E to N b W ½ W. 8. Calm and fair Wear. 12. Mod breezes and fair Wr. 1. AM at 1 in 1st reefs Topsails. 2. At 2 in 2nd reefs. 3. At 3 saw the Land ahead. Tack'd. 6. At 6 fresh Gales. Close reef'd the Topsls and handed mizen Topsail. 7. At 7 Cape Pallisser—N W B N 3 Lgs. 10. At 10 Out 3rd reefs and set ye mizn Tpsl. 12. Little winds and strong Puffs off Shore. Cape Pallisser W B S 5 Leagues. The Adventure just discernable from ye Mast Head. Therr 54. Latde Obsd 41.36.

1. Fresh Gales and fair Wear. 4. At 4 Close reef'd and handed the Topsails. 6. Strong Gales. At 6 Cape Palisser W B N 5 Leagues. 12. At 12 Wore Ship. 6. AM at 6 the Adventure join'd Company. 8. Wear more moderate at 8; set the Topsails & wore ship. 12. At Noon Strong Gales with hard squalls. Handed the Topsails and laid Her too under the Fore sail and mizn staysail. Adventure 4 or 5 miles astern. Therr 58. Cape Palliser at Noon N. b W—16 Lgs.

1. Strong Gales and fair Wear. 4. At 4 set the main Top-sail 5. At 5 saw the Land bearing N W B N. 7. Fresh Gales. 11. Lightning to the N W. 4. AM at 4 set the Fore Topsail. 6. At 6 Out 3rd reefs. 7. Moderate Gales with Open Cloudy Wr. 10. At 10 Out reefs and up Top Gallt yards. 12. At Noon Cape Pallisser W ¼ N 6 Leagues. Adventure in Company. Therr 58.

page 193

1. Mod. breezes and fair Wear. 6. At 6 Cape Pallisser W ½ S 2 or 3 Lgs. 7. Little Winds. 8. Calm. 10. Little Winds and fair Wr. 12. At 12 Fresh Breezes—Cape Pallisser W ½ N 3 Leagues. 3. A M at 3 in 1st reefs Topsails. 5. At 5 Fresh Gales. In 2nd reefs and down Top Gallt Yards. 6. At 6 clos'd reef'd & handed the Topsails. 8. At 8 Strong Gales. Cape Campbell N W. The Snowy Mountains W B S 8 or 9 Lgs. 11. Bent another mainsail. At noon the Snowy Mountains W B S 4 or 5 Lgs. We've seen nothing of the Adventure* since 12 last night she was then about a Point to leeward of our Wake distant I believe 3 or 4 miles. Therr 52 ½.

1. Strong Gales and Cloudy Wear. 3. At 3 set the Fore & main Topsails. 4. At 4 Wore—sounded 25 fm—soft Ground— about ½ a mile from shore. 6. At 6 Cape Campbell N b W 8 Leagues. 8. At 8 Handed the Topsails. 1. Do wr. 3. A M at 3 split the Fore Topmast staysl—bent another. 7. At 7 Wore and lay too whilst we fix'd a new strop to the Larboard main Topsail sheet Block. We then set the Topsails close reef'd. 12. At Noon Strong Gales; handed the Topsails. The Snowy Mountains bearing W ½ N 14 or 15 Leagues. Therr 58 ½.

1. Strong Gales and fair Wear. 7. At 7 the Snowy Mountains West 3 or 4 Leagues. At ½ past handed the Courses and laid her too under ye mizen Staysail. 12. Wr more mod; set the Courses. 1. A M at 1 set the Main Topsail. 2. At 2 Calm and Cloudy Wear. 4. At 4 Mod breezes. Out reefs and made all sail. Carried away the Main Top-Gallt Yard. Got up another. 12. At noon Fresh Gales and Cloudy. Cape Campbell N B W 4 Leagues. Therr 57.

1. Fresh Gales and Cloudy with rain. 3. At 3 Cape Campbell SW about a League. 8. At 8 Cape Koamaroo N b W and the No Point of Terra Witte N E b N. At ½ past 8 Tack'd ship. At ½ past 10 Tack'd. 11. Fresh Gales and Cloudy Wr. 1. AM at ½ past 12 tack'd. 3. At ½ past 2 Tack'd. 6. At 6 in 1st reefs and down Top Gallt yards. 8. At 8 Terra Witte N W 2 or 3 Leagues. 12. At Noon fresh Gales & Cloudy. Terra Witte West—1 League. Therr 51.

Remarks &c. &c. in Charlotte Sound.

P M Mod. and fair Wear. At 1 came too in a Bay at the Entrance of a Harbour on the East side of Cape Terra Witte with the small Bower in 12 fm Water. A rock on the Larboard side of the Entrance No 1 mile. At 3 weigh'd again and run round Cape Terra Witte—the Breeze freshening from the So'ward page 194 to fresh Gales with hard squalls. At 7 the 2 Brothers west 3 miles. At 8 working into the Entrance of Charlotte Sound. Carried away the Strop of the Fore Topsail Sheet Block. Lash'd another in its stead. At 9 anchor'd in 18 fm water at the Entrance of Charlotte's Sound and veer'd to a whole Cable. AM at 5 weigh'd and run for Ship Cove. But the Wind failing us, came too again. At 9 weigh'd again with a little Breeze from the No'ward and run into Ship Cove; where we anchor'd and moord with a cable each way with the Bowers. Hoisted out all the Boats and unbent the sails. Ships draught of water forward 14 F 4 E; aft 15 F 5 E. Therr 51 ½.

Little Winds and fine Wear. Sent on shore our empty Casks. Bought great plenty of fish from the Natives, for small pieces of Otahite Cloath. AM Got Tents on shore for the Astronomer and Sailmakers. Set the Armourers Forge up on board. Heel'd and scrub'd the Starboard side. Carpenters caulking the Decks. Open'd some of the Casks of Bread, found a good deal of it damp and much damag'd. Ther 59.

Variable unsettled Wear the latter part showery. Employ'd on board in getting provision to hand. Coopers on shore repairing Casks. Sailmakers at their Tents repairing sails. Ther. 62 ½.

PM Moderate Winds with open cloudy Wear. AM heavy clouds with hard rain. Employ'd watering and stowing the Hold. Sent the Copper Oven on shore to bake the Bread that was damag'd. We have a very plentifull Fresh Market with our good friends here and as cheap as we cou'd wish. Serv'd Pork to the People instead of Beef and Flower. Ther. 59.

Mod. Winds and fine Clear Wear. Employ'd principally about the Bread—sifting and picking it—getting the damag'd on shore and baking it. AM the Natives all left us in great haste having stole 3 or 4 of the small Casks from the watering place. Ther 56.

PM fine Pleasant Wear. AM fresh Gales with rain. Employ'd getting Provision to Hand in the Holds and sifting the Bread. Sent a Party on shore to cut Wood. Ther 67.

Mod. and fair Wear throughout. All Parties Employ'd as yesterday. Some of the Natives ventur'd to come to us again and sold us Fish. We gave them a friendly receiption for we felt the inconvenience of the Fish Market being at a stand. Ther 60.

PM Fine Wear. AM showery. Employ'd about the Bread and picking Oakum. The Carpenters caulking. Some hands on shore brewing. Ther 59.

Mod. Gales with open Cloudy Wear. Employ'd on board about the Bread and Hold. On shore the Brewers, Bakers, Sailmakers, &c., &c., at their various businesses. Ther. 52 ½.

page 195

The first part strong Gales and Cloudy with rain—the latter part Mod. and fair Wear. The People principally employ'd as yesterday. Hog'd and scrub'd the Larboard side. Ther 51 ½.

Little Winds & fair Wear. Finish'd the Bread. Employ'd about the Hold. Got on board 9 Ton of shingle Ballast. Ther 67 ¼.

Do Wear. Employ'd about the Hold. Got on board a Cask of Beer, which till now had not begun to ferment. Its now very pleasant drink. Ther. 69.

Moderate and fair Wear. People variously employ'd. Got on board the damag'd Bread which had been bak'd on shore and started it into the Bread room. Converted the Butts to Water Casks. We're all surpriz'd and somewhat a'arm'd at the Non-appearance of our Consort and can form no probable idea what can detain Her. Ther 70.

PM Little Winds and fair Wear. AM fresh Gales and cloudy. Employ'd in the Hold and overhauling the Rigging. Ther. 67.

Moderate and fair Wear. Compleated our wood and water. Employ'd overhauling the rigging. Tr 70.

Strong Gales with hard rain. The Weather too bad for any kind of Work. Ther. 74.

Fresh Gales with heavy squalls of Wind and rain. Employ'd about the rigging. Ther 74.

Mod. and fair Wear. Compleated the rigging. Got on board some Wood and Water for present use. Ther 64.

The first part fine Wear—the middle and latter fresh Gales with rain. PM bent the Old Fore and Fore Topsails. AM got the rest of the old Sute of Sails from the Shore and bent them. Tr 62.

Little Winds with open Cloudy Wear. PM the People at their own disposal—it being Sunday. AM got all our sails, Astronomers Instruments &c. &c., from the shore. Struck and brought on bd the Tents. Struck the Armourers Forge on board and pay'd the Lower Masts with Varnish of Pine. Therr 60.

Do Wr. Sent a Party with the Boatswain to cut brooms. Got all the Beer from the Shore. Punish'd Rich'd Lee—Seaman with a dozen for stealing from the Natives. Ships draught of water forward 15 F 5 ½ E; Aft 15 F 4 ½ E. Therr 61.

PM Little winds and fair Wr—AM fresh Gales. Black'd and Tarr'd the Bends and pay'd the Ships sides with Varnish of Pine. This Afternoon I went on shore in a Bay a little distance from the Ship where a party of Indians had taken up their residence for some few days past—of whom among other curiosities I purchas'd a Mans Head the Body of which they had just eaten. When I brought it to the Ship some Indians page 196 of a different Party were on board and were very desirous of a piece of it, which for curiosity's sake I gave them and which they greedily devour'd, before the Ships Compy. AM unmoor'd Ship. Therr. 61.

The first and Middle parts Little Wind and fair Wr. AM at ½ past 3 weigh'd and run out of the Cove. At 7 it failling Light variable Winds let go the Anchor again off Long Island. At 2 past a Breeze springing up weigh'd and made sail again. At Noon the 2 Brothers SE 2 miles. Set the Steering sails. Haul'd over to the No shore to look for our long lost Consort. Therr. 66.

The first part fresh Gales, the latter little Winds and fair Wr. PM at 4 were abreast of Cape Terra Witte about a mile from the shore—Cape Palliser bearing E S E ½ E. We frequently fir'd Guns as we run along in hopes of having them heard by our Brother Adventurers, but we cou'd'n't hear nor see the least signs of them. At 8 Cape Palliser E S E ½ E 3 Leagues. Brought too for the Night. In the morning made sail and run along shore to the No ward of Cape Pallisser, but cou'd see nothing of our old friends. At Noon Cape Pallisser N W B W ½ W —3 Leagues. Therr 61 ½.

From New Zealand to the So ward.

1. Mod. breezes and Cloudy Wr. 3. Running out of the Mouth of the Streights. 5. Unbent the Best Bower Cable. 6. At 6 Cape Pallisser W ½ S 3 or 4 Leagues, from which I take my departure. 1. A Brisk Gale with Open Cloudy Wr. 4. AM at 4 set the steering sails. 6. at 6 carried away the Main Top Mast steering yard and split the sail. 9. At 9 carried away the Main Top Gallt yard. 10. A Brisk Gale and fair Wr.

[N.B.—After this the ship loses sight of land.]

From New Zealand to the Eastward.
Remarks at Easter Island.
From Easter Island to the Northward.
Remarks at the Marquesas.
From the Marquesas to Otahite.
Remarks at Otahite.
Remarks at the Society Islands.
[Note.—The log ends before the next visit to New Zealand.—The

* This was the last time the Adventure was sighted by those on board the Resolution.—The Editor.