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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

From New Zealand to the So ward

From New Zealand to the So ward.

1. Mod. breezes and Cloudy Wr. 3. Running out of the Mouth of the Streights. 5. Unbent the Best Bower Cable. 6. At 6 Cape Pallisser W ½ S 3 or 4 Leagues, from which I take my departure. 1. A Brisk Gale with Open Cloudy Wr. 4. AM at 4 set the steering sails. 6. at 6 carried away the Main Top Mast steering yard and split the sail. 9. At 9 carried away the Main Top Gallt yard. 10. A Brisk Gale and fair Wr.

[N.B.—After this the ship loses sight of land.]

From New Zealand to the Eastward.
Remarks at Easter Island.
From Easter Island to the Northward.
Remarks at the Marquesas.
From the Marquesas to Otahite.
Remarks at Otahite.
Remarks at the Society Islands.
[Note.—The log ends before the next visit to New Zealand.—The