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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Remarks &c. &c. in Charlotte Sound

Remarks &c. &c. in Charlotte Sound.

P M Mod. and fair Wear. At 1 came too in a Bay at the Entrance of a Harbour on the East side of Cape Terra Witte with the small Bower in 12 fm Water. A rock on the Larboard side of the Entrance No 1 mile. At 3 weigh'd again and run round Cape Terra Witte—the Breeze freshening from the So'ward page 194 to fresh Gales with hard squalls. At 7 the 2 Brothers west 3 miles. At 8 working into the Entrance of Charlotte Sound. Carried away the Strop of the Fore Topsail Sheet Block. Lash'd another in its stead. At 9 anchor'd in 18 fm water at the Entrance of Charlotte's Sound and veer'd to a whole Cable. AM at 5 weigh'd and run for Ship Cove. But the Wind failing us, came too again. At 9 weigh'd again with a little Breeze from the No'ward and run into Ship Cove; where we anchor'd and moord with a cable each way with the Bowers. Hoisted out all the Boats and unbent the sails. Ships draught of water forward 14 F 4 E; aft 15 F 5 E. Therr 51 ½.

Little Winds and fine Wear. Sent on shore our empty Casks. Bought great plenty of fish from the Natives, for small pieces of Otahite Cloath. AM Got Tents on shore for the Astronomer and Sailmakers. Set the Armourers Forge up on board. Heel'd and scrub'd the Starboard side. Carpenters caulking the Decks. Open'd some of the Casks of Bread, found a good deal of it damp and much damag'd. Ther 59.

Variable unsettled Wear the latter part showery. Employ'd on board in getting provision to hand. Coopers on shore repairing Casks. Sailmakers at their Tents repairing sails. Ther. 62 ½.

PM Moderate Winds with open cloudy Wear. AM heavy clouds with hard rain. Employ'd watering and stowing the Hold. Sent the Copper Oven on shore to bake the Bread that was damag'd. We have a very plentifull Fresh Market with our good friends here and as cheap as we cou'd wish. Serv'd Pork to the People instead of Beef and Flower. Ther. 59.

Mod. Winds and fine Clear Wear. Employ'd principally about the Bread—sifting and picking it—getting the damag'd on shore and baking it. AM the Natives all left us in great haste having stole 3 or 4 of the small Casks from the watering place. Ther 56.

PM fine Pleasant Wear. AM fresh Gales with rain. Employ'd getting Provision to Hand in the Holds and sifting the Bread. Sent a Party on shore to cut Wood. Ther 67.

Mod. and fair Wear throughout. All Parties Employ'd as yesterday. Some of the Natives ventur'd to come to us again and sold us Fish. We gave them a friendly receiption for we felt the inconvenience of the Fish Market being at a stand. Ther 60.

PM Fine Wear. AM showery. Employ'd about the Bread and picking Oakum. The Carpenters caulking. Some hands on shore brewing. Ther 59.

Mod. Gales with open Cloudy Wear. Employ'd on board about the Bread and Hold. On shore the Brewers, Bakers, Sailmakers, &c., &c., at their various businesses. Ther. 52 ½.

page 195

The first part strong Gales and Cloudy with rain—the latter part Mod. and fair Wear. The People principally employ'd as yesterday. Hog'd and scrub'd the Larboard side. Ther 51 ½.

Little Winds & fair Wear. Finish'd the Bread. Employ'd about the Hold. Got on board 9 Ton of shingle Ballast. Ther 67 ¼.

Do Wear. Employ'd about the Hold. Got on board a Cask of Beer, which till now had not begun to ferment. Its now very pleasant drink. Ther. 69.

Moderate and fair Wear. People variously employ'd. Got on board the damag'd Bread which had been bak'd on shore and started it into the Bread room. Converted the Butts to Water Casks. We're all surpriz'd and somewhat a'arm'd at the Non-appearance of our Consort and can form no probable idea what can detain Her. Ther 70.

PM Little Winds and fair Wear. AM fresh Gales and cloudy. Employ'd in the Hold and overhauling the Rigging. Ther. 67.

Moderate and fair Wear. Compleated our wood and water. Employ'd overhauling the rigging. Tr 70.

Strong Gales with hard rain. The Weather too bad for any kind of Work. Ther. 74.

Fresh Gales with heavy squalls of Wind and rain. Employ'd about the rigging. Ther 74.

Mod. and fair Wear. Compleated the rigging. Got on board some Wood and Water for present use. Ther 64.

The first part fine Wear—the middle and latter fresh Gales with rain. PM bent the Old Fore and Fore Topsails. AM got the rest of the old Sute of Sails from the Shore and bent them. Tr 62.

Little Winds with open Cloudy Wear. PM the People at their own disposal—it being Sunday. AM got all our sails, Astronomers Instruments &c. &c., from the shore. Struck and brought on bd the Tents. Struck the Armourers Forge on board and pay'd the Lower Masts with Varnish of Pine. Therr 60.

Do Wr. Sent a Party with the Boatswain to cut brooms. Got all the Beer from the Shore. Punish'd Rich'd Lee—Seaman with a dozen for stealing from the Natives. Ships draught of water forward 15 F 5 ½ E; Aft 15 F 4 ½ E. Therr 61.

PM Little winds and fair Wr—AM fresh Gales. Black'd and Tarr'd the Bends and pay'd the Ships sides with Varnish of Pine. This Afternoon I went on shore in a Bay a little distance from the Ship where a party of Indians had taken up their residence for some few days past—of whom among other curiosities I purchas'd a Mans Head the Body of which they had just eaten. When I brought it to the Ship some Indians page 196 of a different Party were on board and were very desirous of a piece of it, which for curiosity's sake I gave them and which they greedily devour'd, before the Ships Compy. AM unmoor'd Ship. Therr. 61.

The first and Middle parts Little Wind and fair Wr. AM at ½ past 3 weigh'd and run out of the Cove. At 7 it failling Light variable Winds let go the Anchor again off Long Island. At 2 past a Breeze springing up weigh'd and made sail again. At Noon the 2 Brothers SE 2 miles. Set the Steering sails. Haul'd over to the No shore to look for our long lost Consort. Therr. 66.

The first part fresh Gales, the latter little Winds and fair Wr. PM at 4 were abreast of Cape Terra Witte about a mile from the shore—Cape Palliser bearing E S E ½ E. We frequently fir'd Guns as we run along in hopes of having them heard by our Brother Adventurers, but we cou'd'n't hear nor see the least signs of them. At 8 Cape Palliser E S E ½ E 3 Leagues. Brought too for the Night. In the morning made sail and run along shore to the No ward of Cape Pallisser, but cou'd see nothing of our old friends. At Noon Cape Pallisser N W B W ½ W —3 Leagues. Therr 61 ½.