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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Remarks &c. &c. upon the Coast of New Zealand

Remarks &c. &c. upon the Coast of New Zealand.

1. Light Breezes and fair Wear. 3. PM Got another Fore Top Gallt Mast up. Out reefs and set the Fore Gallt sails. Fresh Gales and Cloudy squally Wr. 5. At 5 in 1st reefs. Punished Willm Monk and Phillip Brotherson with 6 lashes each for neglect of duty. 7. At 7 Close reeft the Topsails. Handed the mizen Topsl—and down Top Gallt yards. AM Mod. & Cloudy Wear. 5. At 5 up Top Gallt Yards and made all sail. Fresh Gales. At 9 Close reeft the T Sls. At page 192 noon join'd Company with the Adventure. Cape Pallisser W S W ½ W 8 or 9 Lgs. Therr 54.

1. Fresh Gales and Cloudy squally Wr. 5. P M at 5 Cape Pallisser N W B W 3 Leagues. 7. Mod Gales and Cloudy. 1. Light airs. AM at 1 up Top Gallt yards and Out 3rd and 2nd reefs Topsls. 4. Calm and fair Wear. 5. At 5 Little Winds. Made all sail. 7. At 7 Fresh Gales and squally. Double reef'd the Topsails. 8. At 8 handed ye Topsails—and down Top Gallt Yards. 10. At 10 Very Hard Squalls of wind. Handed the Courses and laid her too under the bare Poles. Adventure in Company. Therr 60. Cape Pallisser at Noon N 9° W; 17 Lgs.

1. Strong Gales and squally Wear. 7. PM at 7 bore down to look for the Adventure but cou'd not see Her. 10. Do wr. 3. AM at 3 set the Mizen Staysail. 4. At 4 set the Courses. 5. At 5 Mod Gales. Set the Topsails. 6. Saw the Adventure —brought too for her to come up. 8. At 8 Out reefs and made all sail. Up Top Gallt Yards. 11. A fresh Gale with Open Cloudy Wr. Adventure in Company. Cape Pallisser at Noon N 10° W; 19 Lgs. Therr 60.

1. A fresh Gale with open Cloudy Wr. 4. P M at 4 saw the Land—N W B W. 6. At 6 Little Winds. Extremes of the Land from N ½ E to N b W ½ W. 8. Calm and fair Wear. 12. Mod breezes and fair Wr. 1. AM at 1 in 1st reefs Topsails. 2. At 2 in 2nd reefs. 3. At 3 saw the Land ahead. Tack'd. 6. At 6 fresh Gales. Close reef'd the Topsls and handed mizen Topsail. 7. At 7 Cape Pallisser—N W B N 3 Lgs. 10. At 10 Out 3rd reefs and set ye mizn Tpsl. 12. Little winds and strong Puffs off Shore. Cape Pallisser W B S 5 Leagues. The Adventure just discernable from ye Mast Head. Therr 54. Latde Obsd 41.36.

1. Fresh Gales and fair Wear. 4. At 4 Close reef'd and handed the Topsails. 6. Strong Gales. At 6 Cape Palisser W B N 5 Leagues. 12. At 12 Wore Ship. 6. AM at 6 the Adventure join'd Company. 8. Wear more moderate at 8; set the Topsails & wore ship. 12. At Noon Strong Gales with hard squalls. Handed the Topsails and laid Her too under the Fore sail and mizn staysail. Adventure 4 or 5 miles astern. Therr 58. Cape Palliser at Noon N. b W—16 Lgs.

1. Strong Gales and fair Wear. 4. At 4 set the main Top-sail 5. At 5 saw the Land bearing N W B N. 7. Fresh Gales. 11. Lightning to the N W. 4. AM at 4 set the Fore Topsail. 6. At 6 Out 3rd reefs. 7. Moderate Gales with Open Cloudy Wr. 10. At 10 Out reefs and up Top Gallt yards. 12. At Noon Cape Pallisser W ¼ N 6 Leagues. Adventure in Company. Therr 58.

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1. Mod. breezes and fair Wear. 6. At 6 Cape Pallisser W ½ S 2 or 3 Lgs. 7. Little Winds. 8. Calm. 10. Little Winds and fair Wr. 12. At 12 Fresh Breezes—Cape Pallisser W ½ N 3 Leagues. 3. A M at 3 in 1st reefs Topsails. 5. At 5 Fresh Gales. In 2nd reefs and down Top Gallt Yards. 6. At 6 clos'd reef'd & handed the Topsails. 8. At 8 Strong Gales. Cape Campbell N W. The Snowy Mountains W B S 8 or 9 Lgs. 11. Bent another mainsail. At noon the Snowy Mountains W B S 4 or 5 Lgs. We've seen nothing of the Adventure* since 12 last night she was then about a Point to leeward of our Wake distant I believe 3 or 4 miles. Therr 52 ½.

1. Strong Gales and Cloudy Wear. 3. At 3 set the Fore & main Topsails. 4. At 4 Wore—sounded 25 fm—soft Ground— about ½ a mile from shore. 6. At 6 Cape Campbell N b W 8 Leagues. 8. At 8 Handed the Topsails. 1. Do wr. 3. A M at 3 split the Fore Topmast staysl—bent another. 7. At 7 Wore and lay too whilst we fix'd a new strop to the Larboard main Topsail sheet Block. We then set the Topsails close reef'd. 12. At Noon Strong Gales; handed the Topsails. The Snowy Mountains bearing W ½ N 14 or 15 Leagues. Therr 58 ½.

1. Strong Gales and fair Wear. 7. At 7 the Snowy Mountains West 3 or 4 Leagues. At ½ past handed the Courses and laid her too under ye mizen Staysail. 12. Wr more mod; set the Courses. 1. A M at 1 set the Main Topsail. 2. At 2 Calm and Cloudy Wear. 4. At 4 Mod breezes. Out reefs and made all sail. Carried away the Main Top-Gallt Yard. Got up another. 12. At noon Fresh Gales and Cloudy. Cape Campbell N B W 4 Leagues. Therr 57.

1. Fresh Gales and Cloudy with rain. 3. At 3 Cape Campbell SW about a League. 8. At 8 Cape Koamaroo N b W and the No Point of Terra Witte N E b N. At ½ past 8 Tack'd ship. At ½ past 10 Tack'd. 11. Fresh Gales and Cloudy Wr. 1. AM at ½ past 12 tack'd. 3. At ½ past 2 Tack'd. 6. At 6 in 1st reefs and down Top Gallt yards. 8. At 8 Terra Witte N W 2 or 3 Leagues. 12. At Noon fresh Gales & Cloudy. Terra Witte West—1 League. Therr 51.