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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Remarks, &c., in Dusky Bay

Remarks, &c., in Dusky Bay.

Moderate Breezes and fine Wr. running up Dusky Bay in search of a Harbour. PM at 1 saw several appearances of good Bays but could get no soundings off them. At 2 Hove to. Hoisted out the Boats and sent away an officer in the Pinnace to look for an Harbour. At ½ past 2 the signal was made from the Pinnace of having found soundings and bore up and anchor'd under an Island in 50 fms water and moor'd with a Hawser to the Shore. At 4 an Officer went away in the Pinnace to look for a more convenient Harbour for the Ship. At 7 return'd having found a very good one. Sent away a Boat fishing with Hooks and Lines, she soon return'd with great plenty of Fish which we issued out to the Ships Company. In the night hard rain. AM sent away the fishing Boat again. At 9 weigh'd and made sail for the other Harbour. At 10 work'd betwixt 2 Islands. At 11 run thro' a narrow passage between an Island and the So Shore and at Noon Anchor'd in Pickersgill Harbour in 17 fathom water. Hazey wear with small rain, the fishing Boat return'd with plenty of Fish for all Hands. Therr 55.

Hard rain. PM at 1 weigh'd the Anchor and warp'd opposite a small Cove, there let go the anchor oar'd away Cable and warp'd Her into the Cove and secured her with Hawsers to the Shore. At day light a Boat went away fishing, and another with some of the officers upon a shooting party. At 10 the officers return'd having met with some of the Natives in a fine Bay a mile and a half or 2 miles to the No ward of the Ship. There were 2 of the Native Canoes follow'd them but they return'd after taking a short view at the Ship. The fishing Boat brought on board plenty of Fish. Served ½ allowance of Beef & Pork.

Moderate Breezes with rain. PM at 1 the Indian Canoe came and took a much nearer reconnoitre than before but page 184 wou'd not come on board for all the friendly signals we cou'd make to them. At 4 the Capt and some of the officers went to the Bay where they had been in the morning but they could not get a sight of the Indians who they supposed had fled to the woods. AM. Hoisted out the Launch. Carpenters employed clearing away the woods to fix a Brow from the Ship to the Shore. Therr 60°.