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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Lieutenant Young to Secretary Stephens

Lieutenant Young to Secretary Stephens.

Lyon, at sea; Cape Farewell, N.b.W. 19 leags., 6 July, 1777.


I beg you will be pleas'd to acquaint their Lordships that I arrived off the island of Disco on the 5th of June. On the 8th I got to the lattd. of 72° 45′ N., where we were stopped by the ice. We then coasted the ice to the north end of the island of Disco, and found it a close solid body. On the 14th I got to the above lattd. and found the ice in same state, fixed to the land and impenetrable. From its situation and all the information I have been able to collect, I am persuaded that it is impossible to penetrate farther to the northward; and as the foggs are sett in, whereby the navigation in so small a space of water has become (from the floating ice and islands) both intricate and dangerous, I could not continue here any longer without imminent danger to his Majestie's brig. I therefore thought it necessary to call at the Danish settlement at Disco for farther information, where I arrived on the 19th, and sailed from thence on the 22nd for England. Inclos'd with this I send you the state and condition of his Majesty's brig under my command.

I am, &c.,

Wal. Young

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