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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Secretary Stephens to Lieutenant Cook

Secretary Stephens to Lieutenant Cook.

8 July, 1768.


Having laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your letter of this date, representing that, in order to make surveys of such parts as the Endeavour bark under your command may touch at, it will be necessary that she should be provided with the instruments, &c., named on the other side hereof, and desiring that directions may be given for your being supplied therewith, I am commanded by their Lordships to signify their direction to you to provide the same, and lay before them an account of the expence thereof.

I am, &c



A theodolite compleat A pair of large dividers
A plane table A parallel ruler
A brass scale two feet long A pair of proportional compasses
A double concave glass Stationery and colours
A glass for tracing plans from the light.